From Homemaker to Career Woman: Journey to Work-Life Balance

Join me as I spill the beans on my career shift after a year of pandemic-inspired hobbies. This is how I tried the work-life balance.

A New Chapter Begins

It took me a year to be able to adjust to my new job. After staying at home during the pandemic years, enjoying my baking hobby, trying gardening, and learning how to write short stories, I was given another chance to have a career. A job I’ve never dreamed of, a job not included in my previous work experiences, a job that moved me. During the interview, I was told that he does not need a highly qualified candidate but somebody he can trust. Very encouraging isn’t it?

Barangay Treasurer

Balancing Work and Family

I started my training in the latter part of 2021 and took an oath mid 2022. Looking back, I told myself, I did it! However, it was not that easy. There are times, I would like to stop. Especially when my husband is upset each time I arrive home late from work. You already had a long and tiring day, coming home to hubby in a not-so-good mood is frustrating. There was an incident when I went home in the middle of the day because of too much pressure at work. When I shared with her my scope of work, my daughter told me to quit because it was not worth it.

Losing Momentum in Personal Passions

Each time I am having difficulties, I love to go back and enjoy baking and continue learning to write. My mentor, Travel with Karla, reminds me from time to time “Tita, it’s time to update your profile”, “look tita, you still have many readers”, and “Tita, do you have a new story that I can include in my 30-day challenge?” I have lost the momentum to have a balanced life! I missed baking, giving time to and taking good care of Mima’s Homey, and having a healthy lifestyle. I got so engrossed with work and it is exhausting.

work-life balance
Mastering the art of work-life balance.

The Backbone that Kept Me Going

What made me not quit are the people at work who are very supportive. I have witnessed and experienced how sincere they are, they really care. But there are also some people whom I have found irritating, insulted, and bullied me.

Volunteerism and Purpose

As I continue accepting this challenging work, there are some realizations — that this kind of job is truly a volunteerism one and to keep me going, I need to focus on the reason why I have accepted this job. I would like people to change their perception towards LGU Officers and Staff. He trusted me and I will hold on to his trust.

Embracing the Journey

I have already broken my routine, thank you Romie and Coach Jacqui for giving me a chance to learn new things – playing lawn tennis. And now, something came in, this new writing! Wherever your career path leads you, embrace it wholeheartedly, give time to adjust, keep learning, and do not forget the things you love.

Work-life balance: Find harmony between hustle and tranquility.

As an advocate of Work-Life Balance, I admire my Tita Renells’s journey on her career adaptation. It really takes time and effort to adjust when you’re having a new career. I hope you all prioritize self-care and uplug regularly.

Travel with Karla

Renell A. Dela Cruz has been a development worker (support staff) for seventeen years and loves to cook and bake.  She earned a degree in Secretarial Administration and passed the NC II (National Certificate) in Bread and Pastry Production.  During her free time, she bakes cookies, cakes, and pastries, mostly for her lovely daughter’s packed snacks, family occasions, and sometimes made to order.  Currently, she’s working as a Barangay Treasurer.


  1. Mentors Ka pala Niya Ms karla
    Although her story is such an inspiration ✨
    And she’s also advocating work life balance ,napakahalaga talaga ito
    As a busy persons dapat may time pa din tayo Sa Family

  2. Ganda ng journey ni Miss Renell! Enjoy what you love po and have a great career ahead.

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