Help Me Travel The World

Help Me Travel The World By Answering A Survey

Annyeong Chingu!

My name is Karla Obispo and I’m the woman behind Travel with Karla. You’ve known me as a person who travels in the Philippines, South Korea, Japan, and Singapore. I really love exploring different places in an out of the country. I enjoy featuring different tourist spots, hotels, and restaurants. Sharing my experiences to my readers is one of the things I love to do.

Help Me Travel The World
Photo Taken at Caramoan Islands, Philippines (Aug 2023)

Recently, a company invited me to go on a trip with them in one condition. I have to share a survey link and gather 50 responses. My itinerary will be based on the chosen country of my audience. So please, select a country that you want me to feature.

Qualified Responses

  • must be 18 and above
  • must have a budget of $2000 (please select this one on the options)

As of writing, I already got 37 responses but only 29 are qualified. Please make sure to select a budget that is more than $2000. Thank you!

Help Me Travel The World By Answering A Survey

Here’s the link:

What’s in it for you?

At the moment, I really can’t provide you with monetary incentives. But you will be a big part of the decision-making processes in planning my upcoming trip.

Travel with Karla

If your funds are not yet enough to fund your dream trip, I’ll be the one to do it for you. I’ll post all my experiences about that trip and give you tips on how to plan yours. I will be your lab rat.

Be a Host

If you want a free trip too, you may click this link and register.

I’m thankful for your continuous support since Day 1! I hope to travel with you soon!


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