Where To Stay in General Nakar, Quezon Province

General Nakar is a rural municipality in Quezon Province in the Philippines. It is also known to have the largest municipality when it comes to land area. It is renowned for its unspoiled beaches, verdant forests, and natural beauty. There may not be as many lodging alternatives in General Nakar as there are in places that are more well-known among tourists because of its urbanization. 

So, if you’re looking for a place to stay in General Nakar, there are many different options to choose from, each with a different vibe. From serene Kubos to aesthetic beach resorts, everything is beautiful. You will surely find the perfect lodging for you to be a nice place to stay, no matter how you may be feeling.

I had the opportunity to stay in the following beach resorts:


After our 5-hour bus trip from Manila going to Infanta, Quezon, we were all tired and just want to take a rest. We arrived at TROPIKANA BEACH RESORT and we were greeted by the owner herself, Mrs. Josephine Tenorio. I noticed the homey feels of the beach resort because of their reception which looks like a living room with cozy big sofas and incandescent lights. We were immediately ushered to our room so we can put down our bags. 

Where To Stay in General Nakar
Tropikana Beach Resort, General Nakar

After that, we went outside to see the whole place. It was still in the afternoon so we went to the beachfront, there you will see the vast ocean. The sky was a sight to see especially the sunset.

Tropikana Beach Resort, General Nakar

The room was spacious enough to fit the four of us; it can actually fit three more people. It is cozy and homey feels. After we checked in, we were called that the dinner is ready.

Where to stay in General Nakar
We were welcomed by a plush banquet of creamy seafood carbonara, buttered shrimp, and chicken Inasal, partnered with a palatable Merlot wine all the way from Guam, where Mrs. Josephine’s husband resides.
Me with the bloggers: Jowell of Flingeros Philippines, Jan of Kapampangan Traveller, Janny of Just Janny, Kat or Tara Let’s Anywhere, McRichard of LionHearTV, and Richard of Dailypedia.net.

The ambiance made us feel welcome and we get to know each other for the first time. This is the beginning of our 8-day trip here in General Nakar! And I couldn’t wait for more adventures to come!

They also have a bar beside the pool and one in the reception area.

Things You Need To Know About Tropikana Beach Resort


Our next stop is the Kubo-Hide Away Zone Eco Park, which is located deep through the forest! You will really feel a close-to-nature experience! 

The set-up was true to its name—bamboo hut Kubo. You will feel the fresh air coming through the cracks, as well as the homey feeling of being in a Bahay Kubo.

The rooms were good enough for two or three people. It was just a simple room with a bed with a pull-out bed below. The bathroom is also just the right size, and the sink is located outside to maximize the room.

The best was the food they served us. It feels like you are on an outing! They also served Sinantolan, their delicacy and a staple of Nakarin’s home.

Janny, Kat, and I love the swimming pool, they are wide and have 4 deep levels—3 ft, 4ft, 5ft, and the deepest 6ft. The cold waters were refreshing, especially on a hot afternoon that day.

We stayed here for two days and it was all worth it. Special thanks to the sister of the owner, Tiya Fely who made us feel at home and welcomed us with lots of stories, and shared the culture of Nakarins.

Things You Need To Know About Kubo-Hideaway-Zone Eco Park


Our next stop is the MRJ Cuballes Beach Resort. The place is very spacious and it’s like a mini village with rooms and cottages lined up and adjacent to the pool. It is a simple beach resort that a large group can stay in and enjoy the amenities. It also has a beachfront area and a volleyball net for those who want to play.

We stayed in a large room with four double-decked beds (queen bed and single bed) and one queen bed. It was just right for us because we are only four in the room.

The swimming pool has both a kiddie pool and an adult pool. It was a refreshing dip after you swim in the ocean.

The most commendable is the food! They served us mostly plates of seafood that are fresh and soup that is perfect for the weather. We even requested to eat canton with egg, you can buy them at their store so you won’t need to go out.

Our stay here may be short but the place is something that I can actually stay far longer.

Things You Need To Know About MRJ CUBALLES Beach Resort


Our last accommodation for this trip. We are going to stay here for three days! They always say that this place was premium among all accommodations we have stayed, and surely we were expecting a lot and it didn’t disappoint us.

When you enter the resort, you will be greeted by the majestic pool! It boasts three sections: A jacuzzi, an adult pool, and a kiddie pool with a slide. Around the pool are some dolphins with fountains and their main Merlion fountain. It’s as if you were in Singapore!

We really maximized our stay here. We went to the ocean and then went to the pool, even if it was already nighttime. I love that the pool is only 4 feet deep, so those who can’t swim like me can still enjoy it!

They ushered us into our large group room, and here we stayed. It has two double-decked beds (a queen-size bed and a single bed) and a sofa, which is very convenient to sleep on too. Also, the room has its own bathroom with a heater! Finally, there’s a heater in the bathroom. I always love taking a bath when it’s hot. I took longer in the shower, haha, sorry roommates!

The area has many activities to offer, like table tennis, badminton, volleyball, and darts. They also have a beachfront area and a lot of cottages to choose from when you want to eat outside.

We had fun at the dinner with the owner and the manager of Mondy Goldys!

Saying goodbye to our last hotel and also to the content creators I got to know. I will miss them, but it will now be a treasured memory that I can hold dear to my heart.

Things You Need To Know About Mondy & Goldys’ Beach Resort

Final Thoughts

I already miss my short provincial life now that I’m back home. The surroundings were quiet, and everything was extremely serene. Every beach resort that we visited had such friendly individuals, and not just because it was their work. They genuinely made me feel at home. Tara hane! Hane is their expression, translated as “diba?” in Tagalog.  I’ll definitely come back for sure!

Jen Zuniega of Jentsilyo PH

It’s also important to remember that since my previous update, things may have changed, so I advise confirming the availability of lodging and any local travel restrictions by consulting the most recent information. You can also contact regional tourism agencies or online discussion boards to get the most recent advice from visitors who have just been to General Nakar.

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