Lakbay Museo: Travel around the Philippines in 2 hours

Lakbay Museo is one of the Instragrammable museums in Manila that will let you see the Philippines in just 2 hours. You no longer need to buy expensive plane tickets! This museum features various tourist spots in Luzon, Visayas, and Mindanao. In addition, they also serve some Filipino snacks that will satisfy your taste buds.

Things to see and do in Lakbay Museo

Wear Traditional Clothes

Upon entering the museum, the staff will clothe you with traditional clothes. I didn’t get the chance to choose but I’m pretty sure that they picked the right color for me. They have clothes of different sizes for men and women.

Lakbay Museo

Do Something Interactive

They museum have lots of props for picture taking. I tried wearing the costume of Batanes, playing Kulintang, and even carrying lots of palayok!

Lakbay Museo
Lakbay Museo
Lakbay Museo

Eat some Filipino snacks

They have vinegar and even lambanog free taste. If you want to have snacks, you need to exchange your chips or tokens for food. Every guest has 12 pieces of chips to start with.

Lakbay Museo
They spray the vinegar on the fish crackers.
Lakbay Museo
Your ticket comes with 12 chips. You can buy some tokens if you want more food.
Lakbay Museo
Besides the fish ball, squid ball, kikiam, and kwek kwek, I also tried the halo-halo and corn.

Interact with the Performers

Guests can do the Tinikling Dance off, watch cultural shows or puppet shows, or even do the Palayok Pot Challenge.

Lakbay Museo
The cultural performances are held in the Sto. Nino Shrine.
Lakbay Museo
I was not able to see the puppet show so I just took a photo in this area.

Collect Travel Guides

As a traveler, I also make sure to get some travel guides from the different areas in the museum. They provide a lot of informative guides per region. It’s free but make sure that you’re really going to read it when you plan to take it home.

Travel Guides

Reading these guides makes me wanna plan my itinerary not only in Luzon but also in Visayas and Mindanao!

Buy Souvenirs

At the end of the tour, you may buy some local delicacies from different towns in the Philippines. They also sell some shirts, bags, clothing, key chains, and even ref magnets. I wasn’t able to buy anything but here’s how the entrance looks like:

Lakbay Museo

It’s really great to see the local products made by Filipinos.

location - Travel with Karla

Lakbay Museo is located at Level 1, S Maison, Marina Way, Mall of Asia Complex, Pasay City. You may also Google or Waze “Conrad Hotel Marina Way Mall of Asia Complex”.

Lakbay Museo

The museum is open from 10am to 10pm but their last call will be at 9am. Each guest is allowed to stay inside the museum for a maximum of two hours.

Ticket Prices:

  • 799 pesos for walk in, holidays, and weekends
  • 699 pesos if you book online (You may pay via PayPal or credit card)
  • They offer group discounts if you are more than 10 pax. Send them an email at
  • They offer discounts for PWD and Senior Citizens.
  • Besides the usual rate, they also offer packages for school tour, team building, birthday and even a photoshoot package. Visit their website for more details:
Travel with Karla

In general, I’d say that Lakbay Museo is a perfect place for millennials like me who loves to post colorful pictures on Instagram. It’s not only great for photo shoots but it’s also informative.

Museums which offer interactive activities are not only perfect for children but also for kids at heart. Here’s my tip: Before going there, make sure that your camera is fully-charged. Also, you need to free some space from your memory card because you’ll enjoy taking lots of pictures and videos inside.

If you enjoy this type of museum, you may also visit Dessert Museum. It’s located in the same building.

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  1. I love na all-in package na sa Lakbay Museo! I hope we went here before COVID happened. I didn’t know na may unting meryenda pa na kasama haha I love your photos! I hope na hindi sila mag close huhu

  2. I really love museums especially those interactive ones like this! This is good especially with kids – enjoying and learning at the same time. I wish I could go here after the pandemic and bring my kids.

  3. Wow this looks so much fun! I hope things could go back to normal so my family and I could visit

  4. interesting place, I want to bring my kids here so they can know more about the country

  5. The place is filled with culture from different places and the set-up looks sooo vibrant. I am excited to visit this soon as I can go home and ECQ is lifted.

  6. Is this new? I only know about the Dessert Museum but this one is new to me. ? Daming pegs na pwede for instagram feed. ?

  7. Tagal ko na talagang nacucurious dito sa Lakbay Museo, thanks for letting us taking a peak inside ? mapuntahan nga ito soon!

  8. Thanks for this blog. I will suggest na puntahan namin to this coming May or June kasi magbabakasyon mga hipag ko at family nila from US and Australia para kahit dun sila naka-based, our nephew and nieces would know more about the Philippines while enjoying the tour at the museum. ?

  9. My dancers are actually working here in Lakbay Museo already. With Lakbay Museo, it helps me to be inspired mag ipon and magtravel sa mga places na finifeature nila. Batanes nagpaexcite sakin lalo

  10. Yeah, why spend too much in travel if you can just go to Lakbay Museo for a travel platter? With this, you can select a specific place in the Philippines you’d want to visit. ๐Ÿ™‚

  11. Gustong-gusto ko mapuntahan to. Hindi lang kaya ng time namin last December. I will make sure mapuntahan namin to next time kasama mga anak.

  12. I think I saw the teaser ads of this museum last year and I got curious! Thanks to your post Iโ€™m reminded about it! I like that they offer local food and have many souvenir items ~ that would be great for foreigners who donโ€™t have time to tour around the actual sites in the Philippines. ?

    โ€“ Hazel

    1. I wanted to visit Lakbay Museo when I saw ads last year (if I’m not mistaken). Kaso nabusy sa work. Hopefully, after ng ECQ, if pwede na makalabas, kahit dito nalang muna since mukhang matatagalan pa bago makapag out of town trips.

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