2GOKada Content Creators Cruise 2023

2GOKada Content Creators Cruise 2023 is one of the highlights of my journey as a content creator. Being a part of this trip makes me think that I’m one of the people who can influence a wide-reach of audience. In this post, I will share the things I enjoyed during the trip.

2GOKada Content Creators Cruise 2023

1. The Instant Reunion

As a travel blogger, I’ve met a lot of people during my tours in different parts of the Philippines. The moment I arrived at the Manila North Harbour Port, I’ve seen a lot of familiar faces. I finally met my old travel buddies and the people I only talk to online.

2. The Delicious Meals

We may be tired, but we are never hungry. They made sure to serve different kinds of protein in each meal: pork, beef, chicken, and seafood. I tried to lessen my carbohydrate intake by skipping rice, but I always end up having mouthwatering pasta! They also have delicious desserts!

3. The 2GOKada and TikTok Merch

The team is so organized, they gave us 3 wristband tickets for each day. All the things we needed for the second day were packed in the merch bag! It also includes some TikTok merch. There are people from TikTok who gave us lots of tips and tricks for using the platform.

2GOKada Content Creators Cruise 2023
2GOKada Merch | Jaro Cathedral, Iloilo City

4. The Welcome Party

Department of Tourism Western Visayas gave a warm welcome to all the participants of 2GOKada Content Creators Cruise. Every time we dock in a port, there are people from DOT who give us ribbon lei necklaces. They even give us some native delicacies.

2GOKada Content Creators Cruise 2023
DOT Western Visayas Welcome Gifts | The Ruins, Negros Occidental

5. The Accommodation

I stayed in a business class for two. It’s very comfortable. It includes a couch, cabinet, sink, and a television. I love that we got a room with a sea view!

Business Class For 2

If you want to have more privacy, you may book the Business Class Premium. The Staterooms have private bathrooms.

Business Class Premium

For those who are budget travelers, MV Masagana has a Mega Value.

Mega Value

6. The Amenities

On Deck 5, you’ll see a lot of amenities. They have a Quikmart, Salon, Clinic, and KTV.

We definitely enjoyed singing our hearts out at the 2GO KTV!

2GOKada Content Creators Cruise 2023

7. The Night Parties

On the first day, we enjoyed the Open Mic Night. They even invited me to the stage and they sang Happy Birthday to me. On the second day, we watched talented performers from Careless: Jolianne, August Wahh, and SOS. On the third day, we had a talent night that turned into another party! We partied all night on the cruise!

8. The Unlimited Drinks

Ralphs’ Wines and Beer Workshop gave us a lot of information about different alcoholic drinks. The best part is that we can have them during the parties!

9. The Yoga Classes

I really love the Meditation and Breath Work with Anina Rubio and Yoga with Movement in Play. I joined both the morning yoga and the sunset yoga.

10. The Trip

Southwest Tours took care of our educational land tour in Iloilo. I’ll make a separate blog post about it. As much as I enjoyed Iloilo and Bacolod, this trip made me enjoy traveling by sea. It is true that the vacation starts the moment you step on the ship!

2GOKada Content Creators Cruise 2023

You may book online using this link or download the 2GO App Philippines at bit.ly/2GOApp.

Follow 2GO Travel on their social media accounts for more updates:

Travel with Karla

2GOKada Content Creators Cruise 2023 is a great success! I’ve gained new friends, new learnings, and new experiences! To see more posts about this, just search for #2GOKada and #SamaSamaTayoSa2GO on your favorite social media platforms.

2GOKada Content Creators Cruise 2023

I’d like to thank Ms. Blessie Cruz and the whole team for organizing this awesome event for content creators. I look forward to having another one next year!

2GOKada Content Creators Cruise 2023
Travel with Karla


  1. Ang saya naman po ng 2GoKada Cruise na ito. Ang ganda mag travel at hassle-free with 2Go Travel tapos ang init pa ng welcome ng mga pinuntahan niyo pong lugar.

  2. Thank tou for sharing your experience with 2go travel . Ang sayaa , gaganda ng mga place na npuntahan niyo , masasarap na foods . Ganitong trip ung mgnda marami dn learnings 🥰🌸

  3. Ang galing tlaga ng 2GO may apps na ..Napakasayang Travel Experience with ur friends po napaka memorable.Thank for sharing Po♥️❣️

  4. Ayyy wowww ,sobrang saya saya niyo talaga here at Napakamemorable pa 💯
    Bongga talaga sa 2G0 ,daming amenities at nag gain pa kayo ng new friends,new learnings and new experiences❤️❤️

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