Travel Responsibly and Experience Green Living At Eco Hotel Philippines

Eco Hotel Philippines: Travel Responsibly and Experience Green Living

Once the borders and COVID-19 protocols have been lifted, most of us resulted to “revenge travelling.” We took advantage of every seat sale and every deal we could get from hotel stays, regardless of the place. We felt deprived of being at home for almost three years. As a result, we forgot about our responsibilities to Mother Nature.

Travel Responsibly with Eco Hotel Philippines

Did you know that everything we do has an impact on our environment? Let alone our travel methods since we contribute to an immense carbon footprint. However, there are plenty of ways to travel responsibly and experience green living. Eco Hotel Philippines, the first green hotel chain in the Philippines, is again promoting its campaign called #TravelResponsiblyWithEcoHotelPH.

Eco Hotel Philippines

Through this effort, we are changing how we travel, one “check-in” at a time. Eco Hotels promote mindfulness by changing the usual hotel setup. The toiletries are to be requested upon arrival. In addition, there are no more sachets and plastic water bottles inside the room, to name a few.

The Eco Hotel Philippines has built sustainable hotels. They have been changing how we travel by providing eco-friendly hotels in every tourist destination. This partnership with Cebu Pacific Air would bring green living to the next level. They will demonstrate what a “greener pasture” really means.

“The #travelresponsibly campaign will persevere our desire to save Mother Earth by travelling responsibly. This campaign also aims to educate our nation, particularly the younger generation, travelers, and tourists, that picking one piece of trash can save one life. It could be a human being, an animal, or even save the lives of plants and trees”

Ms. Alessandra Bagatsing, CEO of Eco Hotel Philippines

To jumpstart this campaign, Eco Hotel Philippines has staycation promos you wouldn’t want to miss. Get the best rates and deals at The airline continues offering guaranteed low fares to stimulate travel across its network. At the same time, it implements a multi-layered approach to safety to encourage every Juan to fly once more. Visit to learn more about their latest offerings, safety protocols, and travel reminders.

ReThink Tourism- World Tourism Day

Last September 27, 2022, Eco Hotel Philippines joined everyone in celebrating “World Tourism Day”. Key Online Leaders had a familiarization tour to get to know Eco Hotel Philippines’ properties and advocacies.

Pick One Save One Drive

Last October 27-28, Eco Hotel Philippines supported the El Nido Palawan Tourism in their International Coastal CleanUp Campaign. With the help of Cebu Pacific, some of our #ecowarriors from different places went to visit our property in El Nido, Palawan, called Suites by Eco Hotel.

“Pick one save one” campaign is a clean-up drive in our properties in Bohol, Palawan, and Siargao. The #travelresponsibly campaign is also for our local properties in Makati, Tagaytay, and Mataasnakahoy, Batangas, through tours with our fellow #ecowarriors like our airline partner, Cebu Pacific Air.  After all, we are all under one horizon.

About Eco Hotel Philippines

Eco Hotel Philippines is a company passionate about conserving, preserving, and protecting our environment. As a green service hotel, Eco Hotels ensures that Eco-friendly processes are implemented from construction to day-to-day operations. This is aligned with its advocacy of minimizing its impact on the environment while imparting practices of sustainability to its staff and guests.

They aim to implement ecotourism principles, the protection of the environment and its ecosystem, preservation of the natural and cultural heritage; to benefit the immediate community where it stands; by educating and giving employment to the locals and effectively convey the message to their guests that each one can be a part of the same mission to protect their environment.

Keep up to date by following them on social media: and IG: ecohotelph. TikTok: @ecohotelph.

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  1. Super nice and great ang campaign nila, sobrang laking tulong sa ating kalikasan good job and godbless us all♥️

  2. Its a great thing that they have this initiative and campaign to have eco hotels. Particularly having those refillable personal toiletries needs like dispensers. Let’s love mother earth.

  3. time to have this kind of set-up. Holiday Inn hasn’t been providing sachets or plastic tubes din. Instead, they have a refillable dispenser in the shower rooms. Good to know Eco Hotel does this and more pa.

  4. Kudos to both Cebu Pacific and Eco hotel Philippines for this great campaign.
    Yes this is very important that we must be aware of.

  5. Wow this is great tlga nman npka ganda ng ganitong campaign malaki ang tulong nito sa ating environment ? #TravelResponsiblyWithEcoHotelPH

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