How to extract text from images in MS Word?

There can be various types of image files like JPG, BMP, and PNG. Many offices use Microsoft Word as a major software for documentation. You can place various graphics in Microsoft Word, and a jpg to pdf converter is best to extract the text from these graphics. There are various procedures to extract the text from the image files. The image files usually carry important text carefully added to the images.

jpg to pdf converter
jpg to pdf converter

Follow the steps described below:

1. Use Scanned Documents:

The documents should be properly scanned. There should not be any part missing. Avoid using random scanned documents, such as when you convert any jpg to text by the Word converter. The scanned documents may contain some important part of the text and you may find it difficult to read it without it. The image field may contain some critical information and we want to extract that information for our message.

2. Save the Document:

Once you save the files as PDF it becomes easy to convert the image to text by the word extractor from the image. If you are converting the jpg to text or from another format, it is essential to first convert the image to text. This makes the conversion easy for the users. The image scanner online makes the task easy for the user.

Save the documents after following the steps:

(a) Name the File:

Regardless of any file format you are converting by the MS Office whether it is jpg to text or png to text format. Just name the file’s word extractor from the image, the MS Office converter can format any file format if you are converting the files.

The online tools and OCR technology work on different procedures and programming languages such as MS Office to convert the images to text files. The main difference between the two conversions in MS Office is that you are converting the image to text files by converting them into the PDF file format. Then convert the image files into text format.

(b) Save the File as PDF:

The image files are not converted in the same manner as you are converting them in the image scanner online. In the word extractor from the image, you are saving the images as PDF files. You are not converting them directly into text files as in the case of OCR conversion.

For saving the files into PDF format click backstage and then click browse. The open dialog will appear in front of you. Then click the saved PDF files, now click the open button, and a message box will pop up, you need to click the OK button the files will start to convert from image to PDF format.

(c) Workout Necessary Changes:

You need to make the necessary changes to Word documents and after editing the changes just convert the image into any file format if we face a problem with any missing part of the image files. Then you would certainly find some part of the image files is not perfectly scanned of the original file. 

The image scanner online actually converts directly any image to text file formats. This includes JPG, JPEG, JIFF, WebP, Bitmap, etc. We need to follow a different procedure in the image into a text file format.

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