Sexy Meals Central Cavite | Week 2 & 3

Sexy Meals | Week 3

Sexy Meals Central Cavite


During the weekend, I celebrated my birthday with my relatives. I ate lots of food! I’m thankful that Sexy Meals keep me on track. For breakfast, I had the delicious Fish Fiesta Burrito. The Salisbury Chicken Steak with Red Rice tastes good. For dinner, I had Grilled Chicken Skewers with Mixed Veggies.


It’s my first time to try the Mediterranean Omelet and I loved it! The Tuna Cheesy Pesto and the Hainanese Chicken with Red Rice made me really full.


Who doesn’t love cheese? For breakfast, I had the Cheese Pimiento. The Chicken Adobo Flakes Rice Toppings and the Asian Style Spaghetti tastes good. Today, I actually enjoyed the Banana Chips the most. I always look forward to their surprise snacks!

Sexy Meals Central Cavite


I would say that Tuna Arrabiatta is my favorite breakfast so far. I hope they do this more often. The Buttered Fish Fillet with crisp veggies on the side is also a bomb. The Beefy Penne Pasta is nice too. It’s the first time I tried Sexy Meals with beef on it.


The Hot and Spicy Chicken Burger tastes so good. As someone who is not a fan of spicy food, I can totally tolerate its spiciness. I ate the Chicken Picadillo and Chicken Afritada with Red Rice for lunch. Yup, it’s Friday so I usually have dinner date! LOL.

How to Order?

You may contact them in four ways:

Are you inspired by their meals? Here’s the list of food they prepared from May 16-22, 2022:

Sexy Meals Central Cavite


  1. Sarap naman ang menu items nila. Actually planning to subscribe to one of these since mas less hassle magprepare ng food. Naawa na din kasi ako sa mga pinagkkain ko hahah

  2. talagang tuloy-tuloy ang sexy meals mo… i took a screenshot from your first blog hoping i could do it, too. ay, di nangyari hahaha!

  3. Maganda itong prep meal, hindi kana mag-woirry kung anu kakainin during weekdays. Since this is from Monday to Friday, yung weekends ba are considered cheat day? Pwedeng luto ni Mama!

  4. I’ve been on the same kind program for months now. Healthwise, it’s the best choice for me. I have a busy schedule and cooking is the last thing on my list! plus, dining out is more costly and sometimes, unhealthy. Highly recommended ko yung mga ganito. This way, you can stay between 1,500 – 1800 calories per day and it will help you maintain your weight or shed the excess.

  5. Yay perfect Ms. Karla delicious food and healthy pa highly recommended 💯

  6. The best tlga ung mga ganitong meal . Ung kada araw ndi na tayo mhhrapan kung ano ung kakainin ntin . Healthy na masarap pa 🤤🥰

  7. Healthy & delicious meal 😋🤤love it and yas to a healthy lifestyle 💖Have a beautiful Weekend Ms.karla,thanks for sharing po

  8. This is so awesome!
    Set of good food and t’was all the necessary nutrients for your body and mind
    Into healthy lifestyle and wellness

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