Aisin Philippines Dealers Convention 2022: The Future is Within

Aisin Philippines, the world’s leading manufacturer of high-quality automotive equipment parts, has unveiled its new marketing campaign as part of its constantly growing success in the Philippines.

As it moves forward along the new normal, Aisin Philippines is also launching other plans and projects for this year. This new dynamic campaign is a great means of sharing all the exciting news to come in 2022 and beyond.

The Future is Within

The campaign was unveiled during the launching ceremony. Dealers, business partners, and loyal customers were present during the convention. As part of the event, Aisin Philippines also recognized and awarded their dealers and valued customers for their efforts in the fiscal year 2021.

Highlighting the theme, “The Future is Within,” Aisin continues with its successful collaboration with brilliant innovators. These innovators help the company provide state-of-the-art and sustainable mobility solutions for the market.

Aisin Philippines

Aisin’s powerful team of engineers and designers also showcased the brand’s innovative solutions and its ever-growing product portfolio.

The event also highlighted Aisin’s message of bringing out the “power of the unseen.” It continues its track record of delivering advanced automotive equipment parts that have long been part of our safe and smooth journey on the road.

This is also another great opportunity to accelerate Aisin’s efforts. This ensures safer and more sustainable vehicles, optimizing their performance and driver experience.

Aisin’s representatives also delivered special awards to its loyal customers, as well as other rewards and prized to the attendees.

Sending their congratulatory messages to Aisin Philippines, Aisin’s regional executives said that they will continue with their mission of—innovating, rebuilding, and adapting.

“For years, we have been at the forefront in the automotive industry, with emphasis on automotive parts, and have been known for innovating products that are meant to make the lives of people much safer, more efficient, and more livable. But little did everyone know that these products are a result of years of love, dedication, and hard work of the people behind the brand. These people always go the extra mile to look for ways on how to better the lives of our customers, making sure that each product is intentional,”

Samuel Tee, General Manager of Aisin

Getting to know Aisin

Aisin continues to offer a wide variety of products. This includes nearly all automobile components using its highly sophisticated technical capabilities, from engine products to lubricants.

“The pandemic has changed the way we live, and it revealed to us the things that truly matter: our innate concern for others and how the power of human connection makes us thrive in communities. The circumstances over the last two years may have changed us—it changed our way of doing business even—but it brought us to a life with a different yet interesting reality.”

Aisin’s Managing Director, Yasuhiro Nakamura

Aisin started in 1965 in the city of Kariya in Aichi, Japan. It has now expanded its reach throughout different parts of the globe. In addition, it is a member of the Toyota Group of companies. It now produces over 10,000 types of automotive parts. Aisin’s products are now used by top international vehicle brands namely, Toyota, Mitsubishi, Nissan, Honda, Isuzu, Ford, Chevrolet, and Chrysler.

In Asia, we have established our headquarters in Japan and Singapore. We also have satellite offices in the Middle East, Pakistan, Thailand, Indonesia, Malaysia, and the Philippines.

From 2017 until now, Aisin Philippines continues with its expansion, its office is now located in Quezon City. The launch of the sales and marketing programs of Aisin Philippines in 2019 enabled the company to reach more customers. Aisin now works with 16 loyal partners and 2,000 partner dealers nationwide. Aisin continues to welcome stronger connections. This helps the company deliver cutting-edge products for optimal engine and vehicle performance in the local market.

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