6 Reasons Why You Attract Toxic People

Do you attract toxic people? In this post, I will give you six reasons why you often find yourself dating toxic people. Here’s a checklist!

6 Reasons Why You Attract Toxic People

1. You are Positive and Pleaser.

If you have too much positivity you tend to ignore the red flags. You might think that it is possible to change the person. You may even think tell yourself how strong you are to handle this red flag. Most positive people do everything just to please the people around them.

2. You are Honest and Open-minded.

People say that “Honesty is the best policy!” Well, some of us are too honest with our feelings. Some people find it easy to confess what they feel. Even if the other person does not feel the same way about you, you tend to be open-minded and just accept the complicated situation.

3. You are Loyal and Good Listener.

Loyal people never fail to give constant attention to the same person. They are always there to listen to all the stories the other person has to stay. Toxic people find this very comforting. They are assured that they can always go back to you when things go wrong.

4. You are Compassionate and Understanding.

Compassionate people have high emotional intelligence. They try to understand what’s going on with other people’s mind. The good and the bad, they try to understand where the other person is coming from. These people genuinely try to help others no matter how toxic they are.

5. You are Generous and Helpful.

Generosity is not only measured by the gifts you give. This also includes the time and effort you are willing to give to another person. There is nothing wrong with being generous and helpful. It’s just that some people take advantage of our kindness.

6. You are not Judgemental and Perfectionist.

You accept people as they are. At this point, you do not really have high expectations and demands. You tolerate other people’s flaws. You do not judge people easily.

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6 Reasons Why You Attract Toxic People

Be kind to yourself. Just because you attract toxic people, doesn’t mean that you are a bad person. Do what makes you happy but do not let people take advantage of you.


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  1. Agree ako dito! I’ve been there! That’s why one day, instead of having serious relationship fling fling na lang para hindi masyadong attached at masakit pag naglokohan

  2. Not me trying to deny all these reasons ’cause I don’t wanna admit that I usually attract toxic people. It’s a pisces tingszz…i guess! HAHAHA but now, i don’t know i think i’m now on the opposite side. Ako na yung toxic hahaha

  3. the #6, sometimes i tend to overdo it up to the point feeling ko I developed trust issues na due to past experiences. I was abused and used before i learned not to keep my guards down.

  4. You got me here !
    Best ever that we can do.
    You’re beautiful inside and out
    Be bold and be the way you are

  5. You got me here ! So helpful and important to mind them ! Goota be out of your shell ,be bold and beautiful all the time . Just love yourself and be what you are confidently.

  6. Thankyou for sharing this talagang worth it to read , Agree po ako dito sa Lahat , lalo na yung Generosity is not only measured by the gifts you give. This also includes the time and effort you are willing to give to another person. There is nothing wrong with being generous and helpful. It’s just that some people take advantage of our kindness. Sobrang nagustuhan kopo ito And yess po sa totoo lang po madami po akong kilalang ganito.. Yung iba din kasi porket alam nilang sobrang bait at matulungin ka aabusihin ka nila. Worth it to share po . ❤️?

    1. Agree with this, ganitong ganito ang ugali ko kaya siguro may mga taong inaabuso ang pagiging mabuti mo dahil akala nila okay lang kasi hindi naman nag rereact ,pero dito din ako natutu ? kaylangan mo din pla protektahan ang sarili mo laban sa ganitong klaseng tao.

  7. Done reading this blog Ms.Karla. I find it so cool and interesting po. Talagang totoo naman po yong mga nabanggit ninyo lahat yon ay talagang real talk. Agree din po ako sa sinabi niyo kasi po tao lang tayo at may malakas na paniniwala na lahat naman ay nagbabago kahit na gaano pa yan kasama sa kaibuturan ng kanyang puso may kabutihan pa din. Any way just be yourself na lang po at tama kayo be happy at talagang darating din sa punto na makakahanap tayo ng tamang tao na syang magbibigay ng halaga sa lahat ng kabutihang ating pinapakita. Na inspired ako dito Ms.Karla. Your so amazing??

  8. done reading this blog ms karla and agree ako sa 6 reasons na ito very korek and relate din po ako minsan talaga sa pagiging mabait natin hindi na natin napapansin na nakakaka attract na tayo ng mga toxic people dahil we always look at their positive side at lagi tayong nagpapatawad pero true po na hindi ibig sabihin nun ay masamang tao na tayo dapat lang ay maging alerto tayo at huwag natin hayaan na itake advantage nila tayo ?

  9. Defenitly Agree For this,. Truly na hindi porket NaaAttract Tayo sa kanila It doesn’t mean masama na tayong tao, sadyang may mga bagay lang talaga na minsan nagpapasaya satin dahil sa kanila, may mga bagay na minsan ginagawa natin na nagpapabago sa kanilang ugali,.. really all this reason worth to Read and Share, thanks for this mam Karla…

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