What’s inside my bag?

What’s in my bag?

What's in my bag

I dread to answer this question. Okay, I often claim to have a minimalist lifestyle but I think I always have so much stuff inside my bag. Are you curious what’s inside Travel with Karla’s bag?

List of Items in My Bag:

1. Wallet and Card Holder

What's inside my bag

I have myriads of cards: Advantage cards, health cards, transportation cards, and even credit cards! They are kept inside my card holder while I also have another wallet for cash, which I rarely use. Living in Korea, almost all my transactions involves cards. I think I brought that habit when I came back to Philippines. Whenever I go to the mall, I always pay using credit cards. Besides the rebates, it gives me lots of points which is convertible to rewards. The only downside I see is that not all restaurants or fast food in the Philippines accept card as payment.

2. Power bank and Chargers

What's inside my bag
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I’m guilty of not habitually charging my phone at night. Most of the time I leave the house with low battery. The good thing is that I always have a fully charged power bank to save me. This Veger Power bank contains 10,000 mAh. It can fully charge my phone two times!

3. Camera

What's inside my bag

Being a blogger, I always bring my camera with me. I think that every place is worth a content in my blog. I love taking pictures but I don’t really upload fast.

4. Stationery

What's inside my bag
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I’m a teacher so people expect me to always have at least one pen and notepad in my bag. I don’t know but I think it became a habit. I also bring my planner if I have extra space in the bag.

5. Toiletries

What's inside my bag

I always have facial tissues, wet wipes, and alcohol in my bag. I also bring my hand cream to keep my hands moisturized. It’s really important to have your hygiene kit wherever you go.

6. Makeup Kit

What's inside my bag
TonyMoly BCDation, BYS Brow Gel, ColourPop Ultra Matte Lip, Revlon Age Defying with DNA Advantage

I don’t really have much makeup. I just stick to the basics: foundation, lip stick, eyebrow cream, and face powder. Most of the time, I just do my makeup while on my way to an event.

The items listed above is just the basics. If I’m using a backpack, I’d also bring a tumbler and an umbrella! How about you? What are the usual things inside your bag?

Travel with Karla

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Blogging Challenge No.1

Travel with Karla


  1. Wow ang sipag mo magdala ng camera everywhere! I’m guilty of being lazy to bring it… or sometimes if I bring it, nakakalimutan ko gamitin hahaha! Nasanay na ako using my camera phone. I should also use my credit card more often too – the points are useful in the future! Will take note of this. Thanks for sharing that tip. 🙂

  2. Ang daming cards Ms Karla! And yung camera rin bet ko, parang ang sarap mag-take ng photos =). Hirap kasi makakuha ng maayos na shot pag low-end phone ang gamit. At ang ganda ng bag, gusto ko yung color =)

  3. Mas marami kang make up kesa na dala kesa sa akin. Hindi din ako nagdadala ng charger at powerbank kasi usually hanggang kanto lang ako. But I do kapag nagfilming locations or malayo pupuntahan hindi ko lang siya mahanap kasi hindi ko pa naopen ung ibang boxes after namin maglipat ng house.

  4. Thanks for sharing this to us Ms.Karla. 😊😊
    Kapag buhay mommy na, panay diaper at dede na ang laman ng bag hehe.

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