Kidsmile Pediatric Dental Clinic

There are so many dental clinics around Cavite but only few specializes in Pediatric Dental Clinic. The one that stands out is Kidsmile Pediatric Dental Clinic. They are affiliated with Philippine Dental Association and Philippine Pediatric Dental Society.

Kidsmile Pediatric Dental Clinic

Why Choose Kidsmile Pediatric Dental Clinic?

  1. They offer services specifically for children and special children.
  2. The dentists and the staff are skilled and accommodating.
  3. You’ll get what you paid for.

At her young age, I teach my sister how important it is to take care of her teeth. We even use AP24 toothpaste to keep her teeth white.

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Some parents dread going to dental clinics because two reasons. First, their children are afraid of dentists. Second, they think that the lines are too long and their kids don’t have enough patience for that.

Kidsmile Pediatric Dental Clinic

As soon as we got inside the dental clinic, my sister saw a TV, and some toys she could play with. In Kidsmile, the children won’t mind waiting as long as they are busy playing. They also have a playroom for patients.

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The dentists, assistants, and the receptionists are very accommodating. I booked an appointment by calling their mobile number. They politely told me the available schedule.

When we got there, they explained the procedures and handed me the Patient Information Sheet. The staff guided me and answered all my inquiries.

Kidsmile Pediatric Dental Clinic

Dr. Ryan De Guzman is very skilled in explaining the dental procedures. Prior the treatment, he made sure that we understand what needs to be done. In addition, he’s tone of voice is really child-friendly. Meeting him might change your children’s perception that it’s scary to visit dentists.

The dental clinic have four dentists: Dr. Ryan de Guzman, Dr. Rosalie Mae de Guzman, Dr. Joecyl Bare, and Dr. Shayne Celajes.

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Kidsmile is located at Patindig Araw, Imus, Cavite and Medical Center Imus.

Kidsmile Pediatric Dental Clinic

How to go there?

If you have a private car, you can search them via Google Maps or Waze.

From Manila, you can take a bus going to Tagaytay or Nasugbu. Get off at Patindig Araw. Then ride a tricycle going to “Eden”.

Check out their website:

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  1. That’s a good step in making sure that the children wouldn’t get bored while waiting. This remind me to find a dental pedia for my toddler. Need to start them with dentists while they’re still young.

  2. My wife and I brought our son to his first dental appointment last month. Well, understandably it was a riot because he is just one year old. Haha. Anyway, I do agree that it should be a different set up for pediatric dental clinics so as to avoid traumatizing them.

  3. Might be sounds weird but I really enjoy every dental visits. I love how my dentists checks and cleanse my teeth. I don’t understand why some scared of them, lol

  4. Child-friendly setup makes me want to go there! Haha. My childhood memories at the dental clinic made me fear injections until now.

  5. Ohhh, dental clinic that specialize on kids? That is a good concept especially the part that redirects their focus on “fun” stuff before going through the pain, haha

  6. This place sounds so cool! I’m sure the kids will be excited for their dentist visits if this is their clinic. Thanks for featuring them!!

  7. Nice setup, sure kids will love the place, yung takot sa dentist baka magbalik balik na dyan

  8. you’ve always been a responsible ate to your little sister. practice mo na rin for your future kids ang gumawa ng ganitong mga choices kung saan sila dalhin sa mga particular concerns nila.

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