Celebrating Christmas at Chavez Estate

My family went to church before celebrating Christmas at Chavez Estate. It has always been our family tradition to worship the Lord on Christmas. This year is more special because our family is assigned to light all the Advent candles. In addition, I am also the liturgist of the Christmas worship service.

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Brunch at Chavez Estate

Right after the worship service, I invited my family to have brunch at Chavez Estate. My mom and dad are regular customers there so they didn’t think twice! We took the bus going Tagaytay and got off at The Riviera Golf & Country Club. Chavez Estate is right next to it.

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For appetizers, we had Mozzarella Sticks (₱280), Chavez Estate Salad (₱290), and the Oyster Mushroom Chips (₱160)! The Oyster Mushroom is not in the menu but you can find it in a cabinet near the door. Hihi!

My sister loved the Mozzarella Sticks! I can’t choose which dip is better because both of them tastes good!
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The Chavez Estate Salad didn’t fail us. The serving is huge. The whole family got a chance to try it. We also love the dressing!

Dad chose to drink his Cafe Americano (₱100) outside while feeling the cold breeze of Silang.

Main Course

We ordered USDA Beef Belly Squash Kare Kare (₱395), Beef Shank Stew (Bulalo)(₱580), and Boneless Bangus ala Pobre (₱440).

The beef of Kare Kare and Bulalo are tender. I love how easy it is to remove the meat from the bones. By the way, you should try Chavez Tablea Bagoong!

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Among all the food we ate, I love the Boneless Bangus ala Pobre the most. At first, I was upset because they don’t have the salmon. My mom suggested the Bangus instead. You should order this because it’s really crispy and flavorful!

I don’t really want something grand this Christmas. My wish is just want to have a meal with my complete family. I think as we grow older, we learn to value things that cannot be bought by money. Few years from now, I and my siblings will have our own family. I hope we can continue the tradition of worshiping the Lord together as a family.

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Celebrating Christmas at Chavez Estate is indeed a great decision. We escaped the heavy traffic in Tagaytay, and the long lines in the malls!

Chavez Estate is located at 2570 Bypass Road, San Vicente, Silang, Cavite. They are open from 7am to 10pm.

Celebrating Christmas at Chavez Estate

How about you? Where did you celebrate Christmas?

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