Things to do in N Seoul Tower

N Seoul Tower is the most popular attraction in Korea. A lot of couples go there to put on some love locks. I haven’t been there with my boyfriend and I just realized that I’ve been to N Seoul Tower SEVEN times!!! Oh well, I’ll just make a guide for other travelers.

I first went there last March 2016, I already made a blog about N Seoul Tower but I think this will be better! I went there yesterday just to make this blog post. Kidding! I toured someone yesterday and took some pictures that can give you an idea of the activities you can do there.

Things to do in N Seoul Tower

1. Take a pic in this iconic Hallyu chair

Things to do in N Seoul Tower.jpg
N Seoul Tower, March 2016

According to a survey, N Seoul Tower was voted as the most suitable place for promoting Hallyu. Hallyu refers to the rising popularity of Korean popular culture including TV shows and music, which has secured hordes of fans in Asia, Europe and the Americas.

When I went there yesterday, I found that guy silhouette with a lot of vandalism. It’s sad that some tourists don’t know how to respect the tourist attractions.

2. Sit in this heart shaped chairs behind the love locks trees

Things to do in N Seoul Tower.jpg
N Seoul Tower, March 2017

As I’ve said in the introduction, I haven’t been here with my boyfriend. Good thing, I was able to bring a person very dear to me, my mother.

PS. Don’t try to sit here alone. You’ll look heavy!

3. Enjoy the view of the Seoul cityscape

Things to do in N Seoul Tower.JPG
N Seoul Tower, March 2017

If you’re 5 ft and below, using this telescope will be a challenge. In fact, I tiptoed in that picture! You have to insert some coins to use that telescope. It was foggy that day so I didn’t put on some coins and just posed for this picture! You can see the buildings without using it anyway.

Things to do in N Seoul Tower 2.JPG

It has a lot of drama posters and albums with a signature of the actors and artists. The admission is free!

5. Experience the LG 3D zone

Things to do in N Seoul Tower 3.JPG

You just have to wear those glasses and enjoy the show! It’s free!

6. Walk through the World’s first LED tunnel

Things to do in N Seoul Tower (2).JPG

Honestly, I don’t find it super fascinating. But they claim it as the world’s first LED tunnel, so why not give it a chance!

The activities mentioned above are free. However, if you have extra cash or if you’re into luxury travel, there are other attractions in N Seoul Tower with admission fees.

7. Visit the Hello Kitty Island

Things to do in N Seoul Tower (3).JPG

I haven’t been inside it but I already watched a vlog about it. Kids will surely love this place.
Admission Fee: Adult 8,000 won | Child 7,000 won

8. Visit the Ssen Toy Museum

Things to do in N Seoul Tower (4).JPG

Do you know that the Iron man action figure costs $9,816? Yes! It’s more than 10,000,000 won!
Admission Fee: Adult 10,000 won | Child 8,000 won

9. Visit the Teddy Bear Museum

Things to do in N Seoul Tower (5)

How cute it is to see some bears wearing a hanbok!
Admission Fee: Adults 10,000 won / Teens 9,000 won / Children 8,000 won

10. Go to the highest restroom in Seoul!

Things to do in N Seoul Tower (6).JPG

The highest restroom is located in the second floor of the observatory. They call it the Sky bathroom! Imagine doing it while enjoying the view of Seoul! LOL

Admission Fees: Adult 10,000 won | Child 8,000 won
Admission Packages:
Observatory (Obs)+ Ssen Toy Museum: Adult 14,000 won, Child 11,000 won
Obs + Hello Kitty Island: Adult 12,500 won, Child 10,500 won
Obs + Ssen Toy Museum + Hello Kitty Island: Adult 19,500 won, Child 16,000 won

11. Wear a hanbok

Things to do in N Seoul Tower (7).JPG

Walk around N Seoul Tower wearing a hanbok! Their hanbok rental costs 18,000 won to 58,000 won. They also offer traditional wedding experience. For more details, check out their website.
Admission Fee: Adults 2,000 won / Children 1,000 won

12. Try their photo booths

Things to do in N Seoul Tower (8)

There’s a photo booth where you can take pictures with a K Pop star! I’ve tried this before at K-Style hub for free! In this booth, you have to pay 5,000 won to have your picture printed.


There are lots of pretty stairs around! You can take pictures there while the others are busy taking a pictures with the love locks.

Things to do in N Seoul Tower (9).JPG

Here’s a picture of me with my little sister!

Things to do in N Seoul Tower (2).jpg

How to go there:

  • Go straight from Myeongdong Station Exit 5 towards Hoehyeon Intersection and then turn left. Take the Namsan Outdoor Escalator to the platform and then take the cable car to arrive at Namsan Seoul Tower.
  • You may also take bus number 02, 03, or 05.


  1. Thanks for this detailed guide! My cousins and I are planning to go to S.Korea for a whole month and I don’t know where to start since there’s so many places we want to go to. Love this!

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