Experience The Excelsior Hotel Dinner Buffet for 999 pesos!

The Excelsior Hotel Buffet Dinner will definitely satisfy your cravings for as low as 999 pesos! Picture a sumptuous spread of culinary treasures, an array of dishes that cater to every palate and craving, and a dining experience where abundance is the order of the evening. Whether you’re a dedicated food enthusiast or simply seeking a memorable dining experience, you will definitely enjoy dining at The Excelsior Hotel.

Here’s what to expect at The Excelsior Hotel Dinner Buffet:

Soups and Appetizers

These mouthwatering appetizers are a great start to a memorable culinary journey. The flavors, textures, and aromas leave you craving more.

The Excelsior Hotel Dinner Buffet

Wide Selection of Pork, Beef, Chicken, and Seafood

All your cravings will be satisfied with their gourmet dishes. Everything will definitely make your taste buds happy!

The Excelsior Hotel Dinner Buffet

Besides the different kinds of rice, you may also avail of their pasta. You have to order them from the staff.

The Excelsior Hotel Dinner Buffet

They also have a carving station. Only the roasted chicken is available at the time of my visit.

Are you a fan of Japanese food? They also serve different kinds of maki.

Bread and Pastries

The bread is freshly baked! This corner has a rustic and artisanal appearance. If you want more texture to your bread, you may use the toaster on the side.

Seasonal Fruits

If you want healthier options, seasonal fruits are the best choice! Seasonal fruits can serve as refreshing palate cleansers between different courses, enhancing your overall dining experience.


Desserts provide a satisfying and enjoyable end to your meal. This fulfills your sweet cravings!

Watch My Room Tour In Their Deluxe Room:

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Travel with Karla

BrandBuzz had a great time at The Excelsior Hotel Dinner Buffet last September 15, 2023. Together with our family and friends, everyone enjoyed the dinner buffet, the live entertainment, and the meet and greet with other content creators.

The Excelsior Hotel Dinner Buffet
18 BBMommas and 7 BBMillenials enjoyed The Excelsior Hotel Dinner Buffet. (Photo from @eve.ferrer)

I enjoyed listening to the live acoustic band. They have live performances every Friday and Saturday. It was nice meeting Ms. Gie, CEO of BrandBuzz, and all the content creators of BrandBuzz.

The Excelsior Hotel offers special promos for October 2023! You may attend their events for as low as 500 pesos! The entrance fee is consumable for food. They will open their door from 7 PM to 12 AM.

  • October 13 and 20: Friday Night Pool Party
  • October 15 and 21: Rave Party
Travel with Karla


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