Bebang Halohalo: Is it worth the hype?

Bebang Halohalo is now all over different social media. Is it worth the hype though? Read this post to learn more about my experience.

What’s a Halo-halo?

Halo-halo is one of the famous desserts in the Philippines. Halo is actually mixed in English. It comprises crushed ice, evaporated milk or coconut milk, and various ingredients. This includes ube jam (ube halaya), sweetened red beans, coconut strips, sago, gulaman (agar), pinipig, boiled taro, or soft yams in cubes, leche flan, slices or portions of fruit preserves, and other root crop preserves. 

Things You Need To Know About Bebang Halohalo:

1. They have various flavors.

Since it has different flavors, you will never run out of variants to try. I recently ordered six different flavors and they didn’t disappoint me. Among the flavors I tried, I like the Banana Cinnamon Con Yelo the best.

You may also try other flavors like Matcharap, Blueberry Pistachio, Melon, and Choco Mallows. In addition, they have Cookie Crumble, Icy Coffee, Mango Classic, and Mais Con Yelo.

2. They have a limited edition 24 Karat Gold Royal Halo Halo.

The 24 Karat Gold Royal Halo-halo is limited to 20 pieces per day. It is first come first served. According to their FB Page, each piece of Royal Halo Halo take between 45 minutes to 1 hour to finish. No wonder, it’s always out of stock.

Bebang Halohalo

For 498 pesos, you can try eating gold! This includes 24 Karat Gold, frozen milk, leche flan, Pandan jelly, Strawberry, Peach, Blueberry, Mango, Sago, Ube Halaya, Special Macapuno, Pistachio, Cashew, and Mallow fluff.

3. They have good packaging.

They use a thermal bag for delivery. I had them delivered to my office in Sampaloc, Manila. At first, I was hesitant thinking that the food will melt during the delivery. I was wrong, they made sure to put some ice beside each halo-halo.

4. It’s located in Metro Manila.

This is a must-try when you’re in Manila. Their physical store is located in Wack-Wack Royal Mansion, Unit B C N E, 574 Shaw Boulevard, Mandaluyong, Metro Manila. They are open daily from 10 AM to 7 PM. I would advise that you contact them first before showing up. Sometimes, they don’t accept walk-ins due to bulk orders.

Bebang Halohalo

5. Their employees are very responsive.

If you have any inquiries, you can easily contact them on their social media accounts:

Bebang Halohalo
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To answer the question, it is indeed worth the hype! I really enjoyed trying the different flavors of Bebang Halahalo. It’s not every day that you will get a chance to eat a 24 Karat Gold. In addition, I’d like to commend Bebang Halohalo for upgrading the halo halo experience for Filipinos.

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  1. Omg wow ang elegant ng halo halo ng bebangs 😍 ito ung napanood ko sa tiktok na ng trend . Must try ang sarap 🤤😍 dami pang choices .

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