What’s inside Hotel Sogo Premium Room?

Is it okay to stay at Hotel Sogo Premium Room? I visited Hotel Sogo Roxas Boulevard to have a quick staycation. Let me give you a virtual tour!

Hotel Sogo Premium Room

Upon entering the lobby, I was asked to do the contactless temperature check. In addition, an alcohol is also visible in the reception area. It is also very important to register using the QR code or StaySafe App to answer a questionnaire about health.

What’s inside Hotel Sogo Premium Room?

Besides the bed, the room includes a dresser, a television, and a side table.

Hotel Sogo Premium Room

The remote control for the air-conditioner is not available when I was there. You may manually control it, or by use the switch near the side table. Moreover, I think it is great that they provide a trash bin near the dresser too. There is no hair blower available in the dresser. On the bed, you can see two folded towels and a blanket. There is a small soap on top of it.

Hotel Sogo Premium Room

There are two rubber slippers, two bottles of water, and a personal care kit. Inside the personal care kit, you can see two toothbrushes, a sachet of shampoo, a tooth paste, and a comb. The menu and telephone is also available on the side table.

Hotel Sogo Premium Room

Food and Beverage

If you plan to order food, you may order from 6 AM to 10 PM. The food they serve has a cover.

Work from Home at Sogo

Hotel Sogo provides free internet connection. However, if you plan to upload big files, it is best to bring a pocket wifi or use mobile data.

Hotel Sogo Premium Room
Travel with Karla

Hotel Sogo is one of the affordable hotels in the Philippines. In fact, it has 41 branches nationwide. One of the common misconceptions about Hotel Sogo is that they are meant for couples only. They are actually a family-oriented hotel.

In addition to this, they have a corporate social responsibility program. Sogo Cares has donation and relief operations, Doctor on Wheels, and Adopt A Family program to name a few.

Want to be a Hotel Sogo VIP?

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Hotel Sogo VIP

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  1. Ahhh ganito yung itsura ng room nung nakita ko yung video ng asawa ko at nung lalaking ka-sex nya. Ganitong-ganito, at vinideohan pa talaga nila yung pagtatalik nila, masakit pa rin sakin hanggang ngayon pero mahal ko ang asawa ko at anak namin. Anong branch yung ganitong room?

  2. Wow ang ganda pala tlga sa sogo . Ang linis ❤️ super linis ng room at tlaga nman komportable mag stay dito . No need na din lumabas kse may food na din sila at pwedeng dito na din mag order . Kaya tlgang kilalang kilala ito ?❤️ thank you for sharing .

  3. It’s so nice na meron po kayong review about hotels too like Sogo. True ,kahit ako po misconception ko po yung mismong hotel is for couples. Hehe. Now that i’ve read your blog po kahit papaano na inform po ako at nakaalam ako ng hotel background nila.❤️

  4. I like Hotel Sogo Premium Room, very affordable and stylish ng room nila. You can stay comfortably here.

  5. Before I really thought that sogo hotel is only for couple. Actually every time I heard a word hotel I always thought that it’s only for couple. Today is different. I’ve finally understand the purpose of hotel. To be honest I really like Sogo because of it’s affordable price and also its customer service. It’s really amazing to stay in a place like sogo hotel especially after a tiring day. You can garantee that you can rest peacefully. Thank you so much for sharing this because it helps us to get an idea of what would we expect inside sogo hotel specifically in a premium room.

    1. Napaka ganda nga po dito sa Sogo hotel . Napaka bango at napaka linis pa ng room nito. Pati yung aircon nila Napakalamig kaya talaga namang sulit na sulit ang pag stay dito. Pati mga foods nila ang sasarap . Talaga namang magiging komportable ang tao dito at very affordable pa.

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