Zark’s Burgers SM Bacoor: Yay or Nay?

Looking for a satisfying burger? Zark’s Burgers SM Bacoor will serve you a fresh, huge, and great burger! They’ve been doing this since 2009! Is it really good?

Zark's Burgers SM Bacoor
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I went there for supper and here’s what I’ve tried:

Grilled Cheeseburger

The grilled cheeseburger has fresh homemade bacon jam topped with melted mozzarella, cheddar, and jalapeno! It’s very savory! The jalapeno makes it spicy but not too spicy. I think the only thing I didn’t like about the meal is the nachos drenched in cheese sauce. The crispness is affected when there’s too much dip. I prefer to have it on the side instead.

Zark's Burgers SM Bacoor

Zark’s Classic

Nothing beats the classic, right? Zark’s classic is a cheeseburger with fresh lettuce and tomatoes. If you want to go extra, choose the Zark’s ultimate instead. It’s a quarter pounder with caramelized onions, sautéed mushroom, cheese sauce, and bacon! I love their fries! I might go for unlimited fries on my next visit.

Zark's Burgers SM Bacoor

Drinks and Dips

They offer Iced Tea and Lemonade with their set meals but you may also order a soda. You may also request some dips: ketchup, mustard, hot sauce.

Zark’s Burgers SM Bacoor Menu 2020

Zark's Burgers SM Bacoor

To be updated with their promos, you may check out their social media accounts:

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As usual, it was almost closing time when I went there. This means that the staff are quite busy doing their inventory. Despite this, they are very attentive. I also like that they are neat and they wear face masks when talking to the customers.

Zark's Burgers SM Bacoor
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Zark’s Burgers is located near the cinema in SM Bacoor. It’s beside Bonchon.

They have many branches in Metro Manila, North Luzon, South Luzon, and even in Visayas, and Mindanao. As of this moment, they already have 48 branches nationwide!

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I had a pleasant experience in Zark’s Burger. Their burgers are really worth the price. It lives up to their tagline: fresh, huge, and great! Will I recommend it for a date night? Yes, if you’re comfortable with the person. Eating huge burgers may be difficult if you’re going to eat using fork and knife. It’s best to use the disposable gloves!

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  1. Naku kung malapit lang to dito siguro talagang pupuntahan ko to. Mahilig din kasi sa burgers at honestly pihikan din ako. Pero reading your reviews, its a yay for me! Mas maganda talaga kapag comfy ka sa kasama mong kumain nito ang sarao tong kamayin (syempre with gloves) ?

  2. I haven’t try this Zarks’s Burgers pero yay na yay siya for me! Sa picture palang mukha na siyang masarap whats more pag tunay na ? Gusto ko matry to lalo na po yung fries ehheheh ?

  3. I think I forgot na the taste of Zark’s burger! It’s been so long since I last tried one. I hope they do deliver. Pero I think better pa rin if fresh from the resto. Haayy soon!!! ????

  4. Super yay syempre Ms.Karla sobrang solid ng burger talaga dyan sa Zarks aside from malaki ang servings nila masarap din ang lahat ng nasa menu nila ?. Kaya sobrang highly recommended talaga to ?❤️.

  5. Zark’s Burgers i Saw It Before And truly Highly Recommended tlaga to ate Karla, kung baga Yay na yay? Tlaga worth the price and panalong panalo sa mga rekado . Sobrang solve kna tlaga sa laki at sarap ng burger ???????? namis ko tuloy to

  6. I haven’t tried Zarks pero grabe winner ang servings nila. I love cheeseburger and a little spicy with fries so yummy talaga and also drinks and dips. Kaya yay na yay to for me. Perfect to sa mga nagccrave din ng mga foods na to sulit na sulit na! ??

  7. Wow, grabe panalo ang burger na to, dameng fillings. At yes ang lako din talaga ng servings nila. Winner din ang mga dip and drinks nila. Thanks for sharing Ms Karla ? bigla tuloy akong nagcrave sa burger ?

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