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Adam Belda of Adam Blogs is one of my closest friends in the blogging community. He knows how crazy I can be but let’s not talk about that part. LOL! Adam mostly writes about online games and food reviews. Did I mention that he was a member of G-Force? I even tried their KPop dance classes because of him. Let’s get to know more of him in this post!

K-Pop Dance Class at G-Force Dance Center Alabang (1)

1. Are you a full time blogger? If not, what do you do besides blogging?

Nope, I have a primary job and living in a Corpo-world for 7 years and counting. I also dance, stream games and part-time VA of Colorado Doctors.

2. What do you write about?

I blog about food and drinks, tech reviews, mobile and online games and hopefully trying my year 2020 for travel and health blog.

3. What inspired you to become a blogger? When did you start blogging?

I need a space of my own world. Knowing that I am in an online game community where there is so much toxic within the community. I badly need a space where I can just be myself, I can share what I want to share to express what is on my mind. I started blogging year 2012 and finally got my own-domain year 2013.

Adam Belda of Adam Blogs

4. What motivates you to blog?

The readers, it triggers the Blogger in me whenever I see readers are checking my blogs. Also my viewers/followers on my game stream where they want to see the Blogger-side of me.

5. What makes you unique compared to other bloggers?

Only few of us (Bloggers) who are also Dancers. I mean Professional Dancer (I guess, okay this sounds bragging now lol). So that’s what makes me unique I guess? I also balance my game stream and Blog. Most of the Streamers are Video Bloggers (not into writing).

6. What’s the most viewed article in your website?

The upcoming Predator League 2020 happening this February 2020. It is one of the major events here in the Philippines brought by Acer Predator for online game community where the prize pool reached almost a million peso.

7. What’s the best thing about being a blogger?

We get to be recognized in the public by our viewers or readers. Sometimes VPs or CEO of any known brands will keep on touch with us and it is really a privilege for me as Blogger to be that close with them. We get to share positive vibes and lotsa information most of the time.

Adam Belda of Adam Blogs

8. What are your challenges in blogging?

Blogging on time or before the deadline. But I guess I am able to overcome it now. Time management is the real key here.

9. Message for people who wants to be like you.

Keep the passion flowing. Be surrounded by people who inspires and supports you all the time. Believe in yourself that you can do it. Take it slow and productive.

10. If ever you’ll get a chance to Travel with Karla, where do you wanna go?

South Korea. You will be my tour guide, kidding! I want to get to know more about South Korea with the best SoKor Blogger in PH of course.

Thank you Adam! I’d love to tour you around for only $$$! Kidding. I’m not the best SoKor Blogger in PH but I’ll take that as a compliment. I hope to travel with you and the South Bloggers soon!

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Adam Belda of Adam Blogs

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