Beauty and Skin Goals: Eyelash Extensions

Beauty and Skin Goals (BSG) is now open in Bacoor! Just last week, I visited the clinic to check out what’s inside and to try one of their services.

Beauty and Skin Goals Bacoor
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I had a quick tour to see what’s inside Beauty and Skin Goals Bacoor. There are three rooms with facial beds.

Beauty and Skin Goals Bacoor

There are also reclining chairs for Gluta drips. You can have Gluta sessions with your friends!

Beauty and Skin Goals Bacoor

Even their waiting area looks so classy. I love the red, black, and white theme.

Beauty and Skin Goals Bacoor
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Let’s talk about their service. Since I’m already having my facial and slimming treatments in Dermacare, I’ve decided to try eyelash extensions this time. I have very short eyelashes. I don’t even qualify for eyelash perming. This is my look while the staff is preparing the materials for the eyelash extensions.

Beauty and Skin Goals Bacoor

They have different types of eyelashes extensions. They have 8 mm, 10 mm, and 12 mm. I’ve also seen some colored eyelashes extensions.

Beauty and Skin Goals Bacoor


It’s not my first time to have eyelash extensions. Two years ago, I tried at Stylash SM Dasma. I must admit that it was really painful. My eyes hurt every time the glue gets wet. It may be painful but it lasted for more than a month. After that, I also tried the eyelash extensions from Nailtensity at Robinsons Dasma. I like it because it’s painless. I also like the kind of lashes that they used. However, it only lasted for two weeks because it’s too heavy for my eyelashes.

Beauty and Skin Goals Bacoor


BSG’s staff recommended the mascara eyelash extensions. She mentioned that 8 mm looks good on me because it’s the same length as my natural eyelashes. The whole procedure lasted for only thirty minutes. Their very fast, efficient, and knowledgeable.


So what do I feel after the procedure? It took around 10-15 minutes before I opened my eyes. I needed to make sure that the glue is dried up. Instead of the usual 100 strands of lashes, the staff only put 40 strands. She mentioned that this one looks more natural. I like the result because it’s not painful, and I can barely feel it. It’s been a week since the procedure. I’m unsure how long this will last. They say that it depends on how you take care of them. It may last up to 4 to 6 weeks. In my case, one or two stands fall whenever I take a bath. LOL.

Beauty and Skin Goals Bacoor
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How to go there?

Beauty and Skin Goals is located at Unit E2 Fynn Building, Aguinaldo Highway, Bacoor. It’s just across Puregold Bacoor.

  • From Metro South, take a bus going to Bacoor and get off at Puregold Bacoor.
  • From Dasma, take a bus going to Manila and get off at Puregold Bacoor.


  1. It may last up to 4 to 6 weeks, eh? And its painless too compared to the other eyelashes extension services you’ve tried?

    Sounds like this is clinic is a winner! ?

  2. ohhh, may mga nagfa-fall ng strands. then maybe it won’t take too long before it’s all fallen off. pero at least maganda tingan sa u kasi natural tingnan.

  3. Hi! This is a good review. Finally I was able to see how is it being done. I haven’t tried getting extensions as my lashes are naturally long na. But using this won’t look overdone on my face I guess. Looks easy and natural. Yes, keep us updated of its longevity. ?

  4. Your eyelashes look lovely! I have never had extensions put in but would consider it after reading your post.

  5. You can really see the difference, I have never thought of eye lash extensions before, but I am lucky that my eyelashes are quite long but yours look great

  6. It looks good on you! My niece had the same procedure too, although she had it done in a different establishment. I love how natural looking it is. Just the right length and thickness.

  7. That looks so neat! Never thought about getting eyelash extensions. This looks like an almost relaxing experience.

  8. I’ve always been wary of eyelash extensions due to a few horror stories I’ve heard! It sounds like your application was painless and non-damaging though which is reassuring! You’ll have to keep us posted on how long they last.

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