MusiKabataan 2019

Musikabataan 2019

MusiKabataan 2019 happened last January 19, 2019 at De La Salle Dasmariñas-Grandstand. According to the host, MusiKabataan is a benefit concert for the youth of Dasmariñas. Hale, Parokya ni Edgar, and December Avenue performed some of their famous songs.

In the Philippines, the youth is composed of population from the age of fifteen to thirty years old. I’m just 25 years old and I’m part of that population! Am I?

MusiKabataan 2019

MusiKabataan 2019 gave me lots of feels!

Let’s start with Hale. I felt that I’ve been hiding under a rock for years. I remember Champ Lui Pio having an emo hairstyle in his The Day You Said Goodnight. Now, he’s still handsome but with a clean cut hairstyle and a bigger body built!

Their songs reminded me of my high school days. They sang Blue Sky, The Day You said Goodnight, Kung Wala Ka, and Kahit Pa. I’m not familiar with the other songs. I felt a bit old when some of the audience mentioned that they heard those songs when they were in grade school. LOL!

MusiKabataan 2019
Photo from Musikabataan

Parokya ni Edgar will always be my favorite OPM band. They are like Eraserheads. 90’s kids grew up listening to their songs. I totally agree when Chito said that we were those kids who are not too sensitive with the lyrics. We just wanna have funnn!

All their songs are on point! They sang Sayang, Harana, Halaga, Para Sayo, Your Song, and even Bagsakan. I sang everything. Some of the young audience don’t know the other songs but I can see that they enjoyed watching PNE.

MusiKabataan 2019
Photo from Musikabataan

December Avenue is quite new to me. I only knew them last year. I saw the Kung Di Rin Lang Ikaw music video on Facebook and loved the song. In addition, I also like their other songs like Bulong and Sa Ngalan ng Pagibig. The younger audience loved them. They know all the lyrics of the songs.

MusiKabataan 2019
Photo from Musikabataan
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Final Thoughts

I’d like to thank Ballers Club Dasmarinas and Konsi Martin Reyes for the free ticket. I won from their Facebook Giveaway. More prizes like this please! Hahaha!

MusiKabataan 2019

Lastly, I’d like to compliment DJ Raqi Terra for keeping the crowd engaged! There’s no dull moment because of you. Kudos to the whole team who made Musikabataan possible: the security (who kept my camera with care), technical staff, sponsors, and the producers!

Photo from DJ Raqi Terra

I’m looking forward to attend MusiKabataan 2020!

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7 Replies to “MusiKabataan 2019”

  1. Event ng love radio ba to?
    Forever fave tlaga ang parokya. Nagmura ba si chito?

  2. blair villanueva says: Reply

    That is so cool, and glad you enjoyed and partied 😀

  3. Songs from the early millenials + today’s millenials = fun! Hmm I think the lyrics before were more impacting or “sensible” compared today, haha! I love Eraserheads and December Avenue, they are always on my spotify playlist, hehe. Good for you to be able to watch them live!!!! Congrats on your free ticket <3

  4. Waaa. Gusto ko rin umattend sa mga ganito. Napaka-nostalgic nung PNE amd Hale. Hahaha. Girl crush ko yan si DJ Raqi. Nakikinig ako sa program niya sa Love Radio. 😍

  5. Awe, i love these bands and even the newer ones! I hope to join some rak rakan someday!!!

  6. Wow! Huhu <3

  7. 90’s baby ako so huhuhu. Kainggit!!!!

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