Substance Laser & Skincare: Holy Grail Laser Experience

I and some beauty and lifestyle bloggers graced the Substance Laser & Skincare Grand Launch last August 2018. The launching party is really filled with people of substance that’s why I was not able to try any services on the same day.

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It took me months before I tried their service because I waited for the time that I’m available to visit Ortigas. Since Marco Polo Hotel is the venue for my computer based IELTS exam, I made sure to drop by Substance Laser & Skincare! After all, Robinsons Galleria is just few blocks away from Marco Polo Hotel. 

The Holy Grail Laser

The Holy Grail Laser is one of their Signature Remedies. It is known as the Q-Switch Laser Toning Treatment. This laser lightens age spots and freckles. The procedure is non-invasive, FDA-approved and effective in treating problems about pigmentation, acne marks, dull skin, and pimples.

  • Treatment Duration: 15 minutes
  • Treatment Price: ₱3800 ($73)


1. If it’s your first time, the staff will ask you to fill out a Patient Registration Form. You need to provide some details about your skin care and issues about your skin.

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2. First the therapist will clean your face, then the laser treatment will begin. Watch my Facebook Live using this link.

It’s not my first time to have a laser treatment. In fact, I just had my third session of diode laser hair removal in my underarm. I am aware that there’s a tingling sensation during the laser treatment.

On the other hand, it’s my first time to try laser on my face. I would say it’s more painful than I expected. I guess the skin on the face is more sensitive than underarm LOL. During the treatment, I can smell something burning. Apparently, my whiteheads are burning! I’ve seen it when I looked at the mirror. There are some black substance on my face.

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  • I booked an appointment using phone. The operator is knowledgeable and provided the information that I need.
  • Ms. Rose, the therapist, gave me clear and sufficient information on what to do and what to expect after the procedure. I also like how she massages my face!
  • When I went there, the doctor is on leave. I was not able to have any consultation.

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The place is clean, cozy, and comfortable. I would say it’s classy.

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Substance Laser & Skincare is located at the 3rd floor of Robinsons Galleria, Ortigas, Quezon City, Metro Manila, Philippines. They are open from 10am to 9pm.

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They have various promo every month. Follow their social media accounts to be updated. For more details, you may contact them at:

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I think that the Holy Grail Laser Treatment is not a one stop solution to fight your skin problems. It will take more than one session to see the ultimate results. As for me, I would say that my face felt clean after the treatment. My pimples, and whiteheads were burned. They all dried up. However, the next day I’ve noticed some breakouts. Maybe it’s just an initial reaction for first timers.

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How about you? Have you tried any laser treatments?

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