Happy Second Blogsary!

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It’s that time of the year! I’d like to thank WordPress for reminding me about this event. Well, it’s not that big deal for me because I’m not fond of anniversaries. I believe that there’s a reason to celebrate every season. I’m thankful not only for anniversaries, but also for simple milestones in a normal day.

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I made a greeting card for myself! Thanks Canva!

There are two things that I’m thankful for:                           my followers and the brands I worked with.

Happy Second Blogsary

I’d like to thank my followers in Facebook, Instagram, Youtube, Twitter, and WordPress. You are the reason why I’m inspired to write more!

Happy Second Blogsary (2)

I also want to extend my appreciation to all the brands who trusted me. Thanks for giving me opportunities to experience your service, products, and events. If you want to work with me, kindly send a marketing proposal at karla.obispo@gmail.com.


Cheers to more years of blogging!

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Right after I published this post, I saw this in my notification. I can’t believe it’s my 200th post!

Do you have any questions, comment or suggestions?

I’d love to answer all your questions!




16 Replies to “Happy Second Blogsary!”

  1. Power! Congrats 🙂

  2. Congratulations! Happy Blogsary!

    1. Thank you po! 😍

  3. Happy Blogsary!

    1. Thank you KC!

  4. Congratulations! Hope all is going well? 😊

    1. Yassss. Thank you! <3

  5. Congrats on turning two, Karla!!! 💕

    1. Thank you, Reese!

  6. Hi! I would also like to learn how to start. I thought you’re a blogger for more than 2 years. You’ve come so far and working a lot. I am older than you but you are an inspiration. Congratulations! Hope you can share some stuff on how to start. Thank you.

    1. Thanks Red! The first step is to think about the topic you want to focus on. Then, decide a name for your blog. Next, make an account in WordPress or Blogspot. I’m going to make a blog about it soon.

      1. will look forward to that!

  7. Congrats! I just celebrated two years myself.; )

    1. Congratulations too! Time flies so fast!

  8. Congratulations! 🙂

    1. Thank you! 😍

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