Ginhawa Art Cafe

Ginhawa Art Cafe: Craft Studio and Asian Art Cafe

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A sleeping child sculpture in one the chairs outside the Ginhawa Art Cafe

While walking around Freedom Park, I saw a very interesting cafe. I’m really curious so I decided to go inside to see more artsy stuff.

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The furniture are made of UPLB’s fallen trees.

It feels good to know that the furniture in this cafe is also from UPLB. You have to know that no trees are harmed in making these furniture. They get the materials from the trees destroyed by typhoons. The fallen trees from the university are being upcycled.

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Look at this very artsy menu!

I saw this menu in one of the tables. They are on the process of making new ones, and it is amazing. They don’t use computer in making the menu. Most of the display there are drawn by hand.

Ginhawa Art Cafe.jpg
Mango Shake and Cucumber Mint Shake are some of the best sellers.
Ginhawa Art Cafe 3.jpg
Vegetable and Shrimp Dumplings served in a wooden tray

I tried their shakes and dumplings. It’s my first time to try the cucumber mint. I was not disappointed because I’m a fan of fresh shakes. It feels refreshing to have a cold drink while being surrounded by art.

The shrimp dumpling is also tasty! I think there are two shrimps in one dumpling. It’s not a normal dumpling you can buy in the streets. I’m very pleased with the taste and the presentation of the food. Oh by the way, the price of the food ranges from 35 to 210 pesos. It’s very affordable!

Ginhawa Art Cafe 5.jpg

They offer coffee, tea, and fruit shakes. They also have appetizers, salads, sandwiches, burgers, dimsums, rice meals, and pasta. I love that they feature Asian Fusion food.


Get to know the Artists!

Ginhawa Art Cafe 6.jpg
Lex Dignos and Yvette Co are the artists behind this artsy cafe.

Yvette Co, the owner of Ginhawa Art Cafe, creates plenty of wood sculpted items available for viewing and sale. She also mentioned that they offer basic and advanced art workshops. They also have woodcarving workshops twice a week.

You can learn about basic sketching, shading and color theory, understand the background and principles of art creation, and discover different media such as watercolor, acrylic painting, oil pastel and pens.

If you’re interested, here’s their contact information:

Teacher Yvette: 0947 992 1462
Teacher Lex: 0905 359 0206

Ginhawa Art Cafe 4.jpg
Ginhawa Art Cafe is located next to the Carillon Tower and Fertility Tree.

Ginhawa Art Cafe is the first interesting cafe I’ve visited since I came back from Korea. I’m looking forward to explore more cafes, restaurants, accommodations, and other business establishments located in Philippines.

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