Hwanghakdong Flea Market

Winter clothes in Korea are really expensive. As an expat, I wanna buy some inexpensive clothes to save money. It’s my first winter. I wanna be fashionable yet thrifty. It’s the reason why I googled some flea markets in Seoul.
I arrived there at around 10 am. There are lots of thrift shops around the area. Coats, boots, skirts, and bags can be seen all over the shops. I went to some stores to search for cheap yet fashionable clothes. 🙂
On the streets, you can find some vintage items. They sell vintage cameras, microphones, telescopes, and even hair irons and blowers! I just realized that these pokemon cards are now vintage! LOL!
I didn’t know that Koreans also used coal powered irons.
They also sell baseballs with signatures of famous athletes.
 I also found some electronic harp, microscope, rice cookers, and heater.
They also sell artworks and even golf clubs.

After few hours or roaming around, I decided to eat in one of the stores nearby. Since I cant read the menu, I just said “bap” meaning rice.

The lady served me some rice with beansprouts, soup, kimchi, and soy sauce. It costs 2000 won.
I felt that it lacks protein so I ordered a fried egg. The lady charged me another 1000 won for a single fried egg. LOL!!!

After lunch, I notice some trucks parking on the streets. These trucks were filled with clothes. It is also noticeable that a crowd is waiting on the sidewalks.
After few minutes, they started unpacking the clothes on the streets.


I can’t believe how fast they organized the clothes on the streets.
An empty street became crowded in just few minutes.
This is how they choose the clothes from a mountain of clothes
It’s really “hukay-hukay”. They dig the clothes they want. 🙂
How to go there:
Take Subway Dongmyo Station (Exit 2)
Walk for 3 minutes towards Hwanghakdong Office to reach the market.

Admission is free! It is open everyday from 9am to 7pm.


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