Celebrating Chinese New Year at SM City Molino

SM City Molino is abuzz with excitement as the Chinese New Year festivities kick off! From vibrant parades to auspicious rituals, there’s something for everyone to embrace the spirit of prosperity and good fortune. Here’s your guide to celebrating this joyous occasion:

1. Embrace the Fortune from the Money Tree

At the heart of SM City Molino, you’ll find the Money Tree, adorned with shimmering red envelopes. Tradition holds that these envelopes, filled with money, bring blessings and prosperity. Take a moment to tie your own red ribbon to the tree, symbolizing your hopes and dreams for the year ahead. As the wind rustles through the leaves, imagine the tree showering you with abundance.

Chinese New Year at SM City Molino

2. Feel the Energy of the Breathing Dragon

Step into the Chinese New Year exhibit, where a magnificent dragon sculpture stands tall. Its sinuous body coils and undulates, capturing the essence of the mythical creature. As you walk around it, feel the energy pulsating through the air. The dragon is believed to bring strength, courage, and good fortune. Take a deep breath and let its vitality infuse you with positivity.

Chinese New Year at SM City Molino
Chinese New Year at SM City Molino

3. Buy Lucky Charms for the Year of the Dragon

Explore the bustling market stalls set up near the Chinese New Year Exhibit. Here, you’ll find an array of lucky charms—from golden coins to jade pendants. Each charm carries a specific meaning: longevity, wealth, love, or protection. Choose one that resonates with you, and wear it throughout the year. Whether it’s a delicate bracelet or a vibrant keychain, these talismans will accompany you on your journey.

4. Lion and Dragon Dance Parade (February 9, 2 PM)

Mark your calendar for the highlight of the celebrations—the Lion and Dragon Dance Parade! The rhythmic beat of drums and cymbals will fill the air as colorful lions and majestic dragons weave through the mall. Their lively dance symbolizes warding off evil spirits and ushering in good luck. Don’t forget to bring your camera to capture this mesmerizing spectacle.

5. Feng Shui Consultation with Master Norman Cruz (Feb 10, 1 PM)

Curious about your destiny? Visit the Feng Shui Corner, where Master Norman Cruz awaits. With decades of experience, he’ll analyze your birth date and offer personalized insights. Whether it’s rearranging furniture or choosing auspicious colors, his advice can enhance harmony and balance in your life.

Chinese New Year at SM City Molino

All events and timings are subject to change. Please check SM City Molino’s official Facebook Page or visit the mall for the latest updates.

Remember, the Year of the Dragon is a time of transformation and renewal. Soak in the festive atmosphere, connect with loved ones, and set your intentions for the months ahead. May this Chinese New Year bring you joy, prosperity, and boundless opportunities!


  1. Wow ang ganda Naman po dyan SA SM city Molino perfect puntahan this Chinese new year sure na great experience and may dragon parade pa 🥰

  2. Uyy gusto ko dn maka visit dito sa Sm Molino, tlgang ramdam na ramdam na ang chinese new year 😍

  3. Ang saya makapunta jan sa sm city molino..lots of fun things to do 🥰
    Niyakap n natin ang tradition and culture ng mga Chinese..karamihan satin naniniwala sa “SWERTE” pag sumusunod sa ganitong mga kaugalian .at wala masama maniwala..at the end of the day tayo parin ang gagawa ng ating tadhana..
    Ang saya manood ng lion and dragon dance parade.. it also bring luck 😍😍

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