Must-Visit Cafes in GMA

These cafes in GMA will surely satisfy your coffee cravings. In this captivating compilation, I will present a carefully curated list of exceptional coffee shops that are sure to captivate your senses and leave you yearning for more. Welcome to the enchanting world of coffee, where each sip is a delightful journey of flavors and aromas!

From quaint neighborhood cafes to trendy espresso bars, each establishment on this list offers a unique ambiance, a meticulously crafted menu, and a commitment to delivering a truly memorable coffee experience. So, embark on this exploration of exquisite coffee shops, and allow yourself to be whisked away on a delicious adventure through the world of coffee.

1. Liwanag Cafe

  • Address: Block 2 Lot 8, Barangay San Gabriel, General Mariano Alvarez, Cavite
  • Operation Hours: 10 AM to 2 AM
  • Contact Details: 0945 587 3640 | [email protected]
  • Social Media Accounts: Liwanag Cafe GMA

Liwanag Cafe GMA, established in 2017 as the inaugural branch of this startup venture, initially operated as a combination of a restaurant and bar. However, they have recently undergone a rebranding process, expanding LC’s identity to include a cafe, restaurant, and bar concept. During its early days, Sir Daniel Liwanag, the owner, personally prepared each menu item, with a particular emphasis on the burger, which became synonymous with the Liwanag brand. In 2022, Liwanag expanded its presence by opening two new branches in Dasma and Biñan.

Cafes in GMA

Liwanag Cafe GMA offers a wide array of food and drinks. Pizza, Pasta, Burgers, Silogs, Coffees, Frappes, and many more! What makes it even more unique is the Liwanag Signature Series. The owner, Mr. Daniel Liwanag, puts his extraordinary twists on our classic food favorites, hence the name of the series. With their wide variety, no more fighting with your group because everyone can get their cravings satisfied.

Pet-FriendlyYes, but they must wear a diaper.
Parking SpaceYes, but only motorcycles can park there.
Cars can park in front of the store.

2. ZenJose Cafe

  • Address: Congressional road, Metro San Jose Teniente Tiago, General Mariano Alvarez, Cavite (beside Tagpe Gasoline Station, San Jose)
  • Operation Hours: 3 PM to 10 PM (Mon to Fri) | 12 PM to 10 PM (Sat to Sun)
  • Contact Details: 09062188852 | [email protected]
  • Social Media Accounts: ZenJosê Café | @zenjosecafe

Zenjosê Cafe opened its doors on May 27, 2023, with the aim of establishing a neighborhood cafe in Metro San Jose GMA Cavite. As the first cafe offering a wide range of comforting food and beverages, they strive to create a warm and inviting atmosphere for our community. Their space is designed to be a place where people can gather with friends, students can study, and individuals can work online.

Cafes in GMA

Zenjosê Cafe may appear small, but they offer a wide variety of food options, including salads, sandwiches, pasta, and rice meals. Their beverage selection includes fruiteas, milkteas, frappes, coffee, and non-coffee drinks, all at affordable prices. Despite operating for just a year, they have already made a name for themselves in GMA Cavite. They are committed to continuing to provide quality service to their valued GMAnians.

Parking SpaceYes, but limited parking space.

3. KKOPI.Tea

I’ve been a franchisee of Alpha International Franchise and Trading Corp. for a year already. My parents and I franchise KKOPI.Tea unexpectedly. It was just a typical day for a medical laboratory science student back then. I was just trying to find a cafe and wanted to buy a coffee to keep me awake while studying. Surprisingly, we tried the Iced Latte and it was worth every penny. My parents and I talked about its concept, heard that it’s open for a franchise and the rest is history. Little did I know, KKOPI.Tea would ignite a different perspective in my life – a life outside my chosen course. Managing it with the help of my parents became my detox when acads drained me. KKOPI.Tea kept me sane and has brought drastic changes in my life. Indeed, it was one of my best highlights last year and I’m proud to be a part of KKOPI.Tea family.

Lourise Joyce Carreon, branch owner

People should visit them because they serve the best quality drinks to their customers with a smile and happiness. They have their loyal and valued customers every now and then and they just want to let them feel that every time they dine there, they will feel at home and just be able to chill. What makes them unique is that they are budget-friendly, especially in their area where there are many students. They make sure that they can afford to purchase their drinks. They believe that it doesn’t need to be costly just to say it’s delicious. Their drinks are affordable yet taste expensive.

WiFiYes, but it is mainly used for taking online and pick-up orders, and deliveries.
Parking SpaceYes. The location is along the road. Cars and motorcycles are parked on the side of it.

4. Bubble Bee Cafe GMA

  • Address: Block 65 Lot 97 Phase 3  Along Mayor’s Drive  Alta Tierra Homes Brgy. Olaes, GMA Cavite
  • Operation Hours: 12:30 PM to 8:30 PM
  • Contact Details: 09687143065 
  • Social Media Accounts: Bubble Bee Cafe – GMA Cavite | @bubblebeecafegma

Bubble Bee Cafe GMA opened during the pandemic (July 2021). They aim to provide high-quality Milk Tea Products and snacks to their community. It is a safe place where family and friends can sit and relax and enjoy wholesome fun together. 

Cafes in GMA

They are one of the few milk tea cafes here in GMA that is fully air-conditioned and can accommodate large groups at a time. In addition, they also have alfresco dining. They serve high-quality milk tea products and snacks that are affordable. They accept GCASH payments. Moreover, they do limited delivery within Alta Tierra, Monteverde, Sunshine, and Mandarin. They also have a small function room good for bridal showers or small group meetings of up to 15 people that has a provided TV unit and Karaoke. 

Parking SpaceYes. They have a parking space in front of the shop

5. Zealicious Cafe

  • Address: Blk C2 lot 24 Brgy Maderan, GMA, Cavite Near Biyaya Academy along Congressional Rd.
  • Operation Hours: 10 AM to 10 PM (Mon-Sat) | 2 PM to 11 PM (Sundays)
  • Contact Number: 0976 019 4982
  • Social Media Accounts: Zealicious Cafe | @zealiciouscafe | @zealicious_cafe

Zealicious Cafe started its business at home in 2020. On March 12, 2023, the humble store was established, fueled by a deep passion and love for coffee and baking. With the grace of God and the invaluable support of their partners, they were able to bring this dream to life. Zealicious came from 2 words – Zeal (love and passion) + delicious = passionate about making delicious drinks and pastries/cakes.

They have a deep love for coffee and baking, which is they always prioritize the highest quality at a great value. Their beans are sourced from fresh premium Brazil and Bukidnon, ensuring a rich and satisfying cup every time. Their bestseller is the “Soda Pop,” a fruit soda drink with bursting fruity boba. They also make their own affordable pastries and cakes. Their friendly and accommodating baristas are there to cater to their customer’s needs.

They love connecting to their customers, that’s why they created a “Memory Wall.” There, they post pictures of their beloved customers. They also play games with them. They have a “stopwatch challenge” wherein if they beat the exact time on the stopwatch, they can win pastries or drinks of their choice.

WiFiNone at the moment. They will have it soon.
Parking SpaceYes

6. Akiro Farm Cafe – Grill and Restaurant

  • Address: Pasong Saging, Brgy Delas alas and Kua Boundery (going to Alta Tiera Homes) in front of Mushroom House of GMA Water district, Gen. Mariano Alvarez, Cavite.
  • Operation Hours: 11 AM to 9:30 PM (Mon-Thurs) | 10 AM to 10 PM (Fri-Sun)
  • Contact Number: 0926 753 1142
  • Social Media Accounts: Akiro Farm Café – Grill & Restaurant | @akirofarmcafe

Akiro Farm Cafe started in the year 2022- post-pandemic. The owner Marck Anthony Delin together with his wife Angeline Delin believe that even though there’s a pandemic, they could still push through their lives with the dreams they want to achieve. They’ve decided to open a restaurant and named it with their son’s name, Akiro. Akiro or Akihiro means Bright boy. They named it “Akiro” so that their son will see it while he was growing up, their business is also growing big. They also want Akiro to learn how to run the business in the future that his parents built and loved so that it can be passed down over generations.

Must-try Cafes in GMA

Humble Beginnings

Marck started the restaurant because of his passion for cooking. Together with his wife Angeline, creating different dishes is their way of expressing love. Because of that, they developed their mission and vision and made it this far. They also helped individuals who are seeking a job. They made sure to provide support for their employees and encourage them to make their own decisions. The restaurant provides an authentic dining experience that is unique to the area where they are established.

At Akiro farm cafe, they create good memories by introducing the best Quality Filipino fusion cuisine and expressing the act of Love thru eating together with our families and loved ones. They always source ingredients from sustainable, local suppliers. They provide a great experience by focusing on the needs of each customer. More importantly, they also give opportunities to those people who need work.

Parking SpaceYes
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These are just six of the many cafes in GMA that you can visit. I’m still trying to contact the other coffee shops in the area. If you know more, just let me know! Send me a message on my Facebook Page, Instagram, or email me at [email protected].

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  1. I’d love to visit some of those coffee shops, even though i’m not really a coffee lover, i’ll just try the other options. The place is just so nice to stay at.

  2. I’d love to visit some of those coffee shops, even though i’m not really a coffee lover, i’ll just try the other options. The place is just so nice to stay at.

  3. Ang dami palang Cafe dito sa GMA! ❤️ Ang gaganda ng ambiance plus sone of then are pet friendly kaya ayos na ayos! Thank ypu for this po! ❤️

  4. As a coffee lover, I really love this blog. This is noted po para may idea na ako if saan ako pupunta kapag nakabisita dyan.

  5. Wow ang dami palang cafe ang pwedeng ma visit dito sa GMA ang ggaanda pa ng ambiance . Must visit! Thank you for sharing 🥰

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