Bituin Cove: Budget Itinerary

Bituin Cove, also known as Angara Cove, is one of the underrated islands in Nasugbu, Batangas. This is the perfect day tour getaway for you if you like white sand beaches, water activities, and budget-friendly trips!

My trip to Bituin Cove is really unplanned. Since June 5 was declared a regular holiday, my cousin suddenly thought about going to the beach. She woke me up and asked me to search for a beach in Batangas. Yup, we planned it on the same day. I tried to search using Google but I only found the expensive resorts. Then, I tried my luck on Facebook. I searched for an affordable day tour trip in Batangas and found Bituin Cove.

What to do at Bituin Cove?

Island Hopping

The boat ride costs 300 pesos per head. The designated boatmen discussed the itinerary before we did the island hopping. I like how they accommodate us. During the island hopping, they entertained us by giving trivia about the islands.

Fish Feeding

You don’t need to bring food to feed the fish. The bangkeros have some bread for the fishes. You can feed the fish while on the boat or while swimming!

Bituin Cove Budget Itinerary


They provided these goggles so we can see the beautiful corals under the sea. We’re not professional divers so we opt to use the life vests! LOL! The water is clear and we saw all the fishes and corals.

Bituin Cove Budget Itinerary

Cliff Diving

If you’re a daredevil, this will be the best activity for you. People can climb above this underground lagoon and dive from the cliff. Will you do this?

Bituin Cove Budget Itinerary

Camping + Bonfire

There are no rooms or cottages for rent. People need to bring their own tents. We didn’t bring any because it’s just a day’s tour. We opt to stay on the shore instead.

Bituin Cove Budget Itinerary


This beach is really calm and clean. I can barely feel the waves. I hope they maintain cleanliness.

How to get there?

  • From Manila go to Buendia and take a bus going to Nasugbu, Batangas. Then ride a tricycle going to Brgy. Papaya. It will take 3-4 hours.
  • If you have a vehicle, you can try a faster route via Ternate – Kaybiang Tunnel – Barangay Papaya.
  • For a guide, I recommend Sir Garry Gajisan. Contact him using these numbers: TM- 09364869286 or SMART- 0999 523 5823/ 0999 524 6731
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This trip is ideal if you’re on a budget. I only spent 500 pesos on all those activities I mentioned above. Isn’t it cool?

Besides the 500 pesos, I also spent on food because we really came unprepared. They don’t have restaurants or any cafeteria on the island but they have a small store. I bought one kilo of rice for 100 pesos (including the cooking fee). There are also noodles and canned goods for sale in the store.

Anyway, I want to mention that there’s no electricity on the island. Be prepared by bringing power banks!

Power bank from Veger Philippines

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  1. I love it that the visitors can set up anywhere whether tent or even plain mat. It’s refreshing to see it not glammed up to attract guests.

  2. That’s really affordable given that you already did so many things in the island. If I am still young and can enjoy, I would like to go here. But I think having a newborn and a toddler makes it difficult to travel. Perhaps if they already grew up, we will explore PH with them.

    1. So many beaches in Batangas, i think I’ve been just a few, hahaha. Saving your recommendation and will tag my friends to try this as well.

  3. Spontaneity is bliss, like i so love an impulsive trip. Sobrang G, especially when its budget friendly. Come one friends. Make aya me naman please. ???

  4. I’ll definitely add this to our list! Aside from it’s clean waters, budget-friendly pa!

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