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Last month, I received some beach mats and beach towels from TraveTela PH. I’ve been wanting to write about it but I just don’t want to write about a beach mat without going to the beach! So let me show you a talikodgenic photo of me taken in one of the beautiful beach destinations in the Philippines – Calatagan, Batangas.

TravaTela PH (1)
Beach Towel – Microfiber Material

TraveTela PH offers three items:

1. Round Beach Towel (P450)

It is very soft and absorbent because the material is Microfiber. It weighs 500g, and it has a dimension of 150x150cm. It has tassels! The beach towel can be used as mat, cover up, home decor or anything that plays on your mind. (We even used it as a gown and a pageant robe in our team building activity at Passy Beach House! LOL)

TravaTela PH (2)
Model not included. Char!

2. Tapestry (P550)

The tapestry is made up of Polyester. Compared to the beach towel, the tapestry is not absorbent. It won’t make you dry. I like to use it as a blanket or a home decor because they have cool designs! I even used it for teaching geography to my sister! Tapestry weighs 180g and has a dimension of 150x130cm.

TraveTela PH.jpg

3. Round Beach Mat (P350)

The Round Beach Mat is made of Chiffon fabric. It’s  sheer, soft, and very light weight. It may be used as a mat but I prefer using it as a cover up. It weighs 150g, and it has a dimension of 150x150cm.

Brazzi Sun Bra Review (2)
Wearing my Brazzi Sun Bra


TraveTela PH is owned by a millennial who loves traveling on a budget. Abi Ilagan‘s goal is to provide quality and affordable products for travelers like her. She started this business last May 2018. As of now, she doesn’t have a physical shop yet but she’s looking for partnerships from other online sellers.

TraveTela PH (2).jpg
Abi Ilagan in a Bazaar Event at Pedro Gil

It’s really inspiring to meet young entrepreneurs who goes out of their way just to offer quality products which are budget friendly. In my interview with her, she plans to lower the prices but she can’t as of now because she’s a direct importer and she pays a lot of taxes for it. Anyway, I believe that she can sell more and gain more customers because of her mission and her quality products.

Brazzi Sun Bra Review
I had a #travelwithkarlagiveaways and a lucky winner won this beach mat!

Are you an entrepreneur or have you met a young entrepreneur like her? I’d love to read your thoughts on the comment box below.



  1. I would like the design from the bed cover on the round beach towel. Never seen a round beach towel before. Since I’m quite tall, however, I’d go with a standard one.

  2. Those are some pretty cool things. I wouldn’t have thought of having the round beach towel but it would be kind of fun really. And unique for sure.

  3. These beach mats and towels are so pretty! I especially like the colors and the form, I’ve never seen them in a round shape before.
    I’ll certainly look them up!

  4. How gorgeous! I have a round beach towel like this. Not only I have used it for its intended purpose, but I have also used it for picnics since it is so pretty!

  5. These beach towels are super cute! I really love the pinky/purple coloured one it is really gorgeous.

  6. Omg these are awesome! I would looove the buy one of these they’re so cute!

  7. I definitely love the design of tapestry.. I’m obsessed with map and geography, so I definitely want that one. Not sure though if anyone sells it here in Indonesia. Gotta check it, thanks for sharing! 🙂

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