Summer Activities for Kids!

It’s now summer vacation in the Philippines. Some people spend it on vacations out of town or even out of the country. Others choose to have staycations. During this season, while adults are too busy working, the children tend to get bored in the house. I’m writing this article to give a list of summer activities that your kids might enjoy.

1. Sports

The lack of physical activities can make children obese. Enrolling them in sports clinics like swimming, basketball, or volleyball can help them improve their physical abilities.

Besides the usual sports, you may also try to enroll them in some martial arts programs like karate or taekwondo.

2. Academics

If your child is an achiever, summer is a good time to do some advanced lessons. On the other hand, if your child is an underachiever, this is an opportunity to catch up on some classes that your child missed.

Some children learn better when there are less students in the classroom. Other children learn better when the ratio of teacher to student is 1:1.

3. Language

Children who learn a language when they are very young have a better chance of not having a “foreign” accent when speaking another language. It also helps them accept the fact that multilingualism is normal in our world.

Isn’t it great to see your child learn a new language over the summer vacation? Learning another language is memorable and at the same time helpful.

4. Music

Engaging in music classes may boost children’s literacy. A study from Northwestern University showed that students who played instruments in class had more improved neural processing than the children who attended the music appreciation group.

Playing a musical instrument is important. Children can use the summer vacation to learn a musical instrument.


Since my little sister lives in the Philippines, I tried to search for a school that can address the programs I mentioned above. Fortunately, there’s a school in Cavite that offers these programs. It’s called Jabez Christian School.

Their advertisement looks like this:

Summer Activities for Kids - Jabez Christian School
Jabez Christian School – Summer Activities for Kids

I enrolled my sister here, and she’s going to start on Monday. I’ll surely make an update on how it goes.



  1. That is so sweet that you’re helping your sister, who is quite far to have an enjoyable summer. At first I was a bit surprised at the theme of your post, but conclusion made all the sense. Don’t forget that just relaxing with family or taking a break from all the insane studying that kids (in Korea mostly) usually do could also be beneficial. Especially when taking a break from studying involves travel (domestic or international).

  2. Haha the parents will appreciate this list very much so because having one’s kids at home for 3 months can be a lot to handle! I don’t have kids but I can imagine! I know if I had kids I’d plan their daily schedules around a host of activities to keep them busy!

  3. I LOVED getting into summer camps and other day camps on summer vacation when I was growing up. I’m sure she’ll love it. Just such a different experience than normal school. Good for you for searching things out for her. ^^

  4. Lucky sister to have a caring “ate” who thinks about her summer months activities. Our parents back in the Philippines are getting a lot of activities for their children and really, summer abounds with these activities. I sent my children to some summer activities when we spent one summer there (summer Philippine time) but we decided to spend summer here in Korea this coming June- August. They will continue with their soccer and swimming, as usual. But not more:-).

  5. Summer holidays can be long when one has young children to entertain! It’s so great that schools offer extra lessons and activities to occupy them. I’d feel a bit bad about academic programs during the summer but totally agree with sports, crafts and music camps. our local public library has holiday activities for free or for a small charge. My mum and aunt used to send my cousins and I when we were younger and we loved it!

  6. Keeping a child amused all day is definitely challenging (and tiring). This is a good list of possible activities. We have an 18 month old daughter, and we’re trying hard to have her be at least bilingual when she starts talking. As it is, she’s been exposed to 4 languages already…but who knows which ones she’ll end up speaking!

  7. I can’t even imagine how difficult it is to keep a child entertained during the summer months. Your list of ideas are pretty cool. I would probably just ship him or her off to summer camp! Ha! The sports and music activities seem engaging but how do you get them excited about academics.. in the summer!

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