Kang Mo Yeon Starter Pack

I recently went to a university named Ewha Womans University. There, I saw a lot of girls dressed up like the famous Dr. Kang Mo Yeon of Descendants of the Sun. Out of curiosity, I tried to explore the clothing shops near the university to search (and buy!) the clothes she wore.

First, let me tell you what she wore…

She wears short skirts!

Even when you’re not in Korea, it’s easy to buy this kind of skirts. You can wear this at school and at work. The skirts around Ehwa costs 10,000 -15,000 won.

credits to www.yesstyle.com

She wears high waist pants!

High waist pants makes us look taller. It also hides love handles, belly bulges, and front flabs. This is how to wear high waist pants.

credits to www.yesstyle.com

She wears pastel colors!

I didn’t have a hard time looking for this colors at Ehwa shopping street. Most of the blouses there are in pastel colors. If you’re really particular with the color, it’s Rose Quartz and Serenity (baby pink and baby blue).

credits to: www.yesstyle.com

Ehwa Shopping Street

I wasn’t able to take a lot of photos because I’m really busy shopping. But here’s what I saw…

travelwithkarla (song hye kyo)
I opted to search for the denim overall dresses with pastel colors.
travelwithkarla (pastels)
The blouses costs 10,000 won. It’s like 400 pesos in the Philippines.
travelwithkarla (song joongki)
I don’t think Dr. Kang Mo Yeon wore these socks. But I know lots of Song Joong Ki fans would pay a fortune just to buy these Yoo Si Jin socks. I heard it’s 200 pesos in the Philippines. It ridiculous because they’re selling it four times the actual price!
travelwithkarla (denim)
I went home with these! I only spent 25,000 won. (1000 pesos)

Thoughts on Ehwa Shopping Street

If you’re looking for a place where you can shop til you drop, you have to go here! There are shops for skin care products, cosmetics, and clothes. The clothes are really fashionable. They’re worth the price.

Compared to Myeongdong, Ehwa is less crowded. It’s also cheaper. However, I think it’s not a place for guys. Clothing for men are very limited. Anyway, it’s a place for women after all.



If you like something, don’t buy it immediately, look for other stores which sell that kind of dress. Most of the time, they are also present in another store but with a cheaper price. (I bought a short for 10,000 won but I got frustrated when I saw it in another shop for only 5,000 won.)

Now that you already know how to dress up like Song Hye Kyo, you can now meet Song Joong Ki!

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