Namdaemun Market

Right next to the Sungnyemun gate is the Namdaemun Market.

It is the largest traditional market in Korea. 


I can compare it to the busy streets of Divisoria in the Philippines. 

When I went here, I tried to eat inside a “red tent”. It’s in my bucket list to try it like how Korean movie stars eat there. I don’t have the courage to order soju tho. 😉
There are all kinds of stores in the Namdaemun Market. 
The sell clothes, toys, stationery, accessories, imported goods, and a lot of street foods! 

This one is my favorite store. They sell different kinds of chips. You can buy it in a small bag for 5,000 won and big bag for 10,000 won. The good thing is you can buy different kinds in one bag. I like the seaweed chips the most.

How to go there:
Take the subway line 4 to Hoehyon Station or Seoul Station
Admission is free but it is closed every Sunday.


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