Seasons of Love

It’s my birthday today.

I’ve been receiving some messages from my friends and relatives. Some are short and simple. Some are long and well thought of. But there’s one message that I will truly treasure.


He¬†was the first one to greet me today. I was teary-eyed reading this message. He’s not the usual expressive boyfriend. He is grumpy when he’s pre-occupied with many tasks. He was short-tempered when we were starting.

As seasons change, things have changed. He is sweeter now. He is more understanding. He is more thoughtful. He loves me more than ever.

We’ve been through many seasons.



Autumn is the time where leaves are starting to fall. As the leaves fell, I also fell in love. We started in a most unusual way. A way that until now, we can’t tell to the people close to us. We started chatting, and texting until midnight. I wanted to walk with him. I wanted to have dates in the park. But he is too far. He went to Los Angeles.


Winter is the coldest season of the year. It’s the time when people need some warm hugs. It’s the time when couples spend their time cuddling and talking over a cup of warm chocolate. I wanted to experience my first snow with him. I wanted to make our couple snowman. But we are in a different place. I went to Seoul. He’s still in Los Angeles.


Spring is the time when flowers bloom. The leaves starts to grow. The withered grass turns green. The birds start singing again. It’s the season of new beginnings. We’ve been through a lot of trials, trials that broke our hearts, trials that made us stronger. In this season, we’ve learned how to compromise with each other. I’m still in Seoul. He’s still in Los Angeles.


Summer is the warmest season of they year. A good time to visit the beach. We’re planning to visit Bali, Indonesia. It will be our first trip together. We’re looking forward to that trip.

Autumn, Winter, Spring, or Summer, we vowed to stick together. We vowed to understand and be patient with each other. We vowed to love each other in good times and bad times.

It’s my first time to write something about my private love life. I can’t help it because I am filled with love today. And it’s all because of Vincent, the man I will marry.

Happy birthday to me. Happy 18th month to us.