1. Are you working there as a teacher?

Yes. I’m an English Teacher. I teach church members from preschoolers to adults.

  1. Did you take any online course like TEFL?

Yes. But when I took it, I was already hired.

  1. Are they strict when it comes to qualifications?

If you’re talking about public schools, yes. They only hire native speakers of English.

  1. How did you get your job?

Our pastor recommended me. I applied online.

  1. What’s your educational background? Is it really your major?

My undergrad course is BS Development Communication. I took some units in Education to take the LET (Licensure Exam for Teachers). Moreover, I also have 18 units in MA Education.

  1. How long have you been there?

I’ve been here since August 2015.

  1. Do you know how to speak Korean?

Yes, basic Korean phrases for survival. LOL!

  1. Can you help me with my itinerary?

Sure! Just send me the list of tourist spots you want to visit and I’ll arrange it for you.

  1. Can I meet you when I get there?

I’m free on Mondays. I can tour you around if you make an appointment. You may also invite me for a dinner after office hours.

  1. Can you recommend some places to visit or things to do in Seoul?

Here’s my recommended 7 day itinerary. You can also check my recommended food.

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  1. Hello! Never pa ako nakalabas ng Pinas and it’s been my dream to visit Korea since Boys Over Flower days! I am graduating from Med School on 2019 and as soon as I saw a promo ticket to Korea, I booked it immediately. As soon as ilang months po ba before the flight dapat mag process ng visa? Thank you!

  2. Bernard Arnaldo says: Reply

    Hi Karla! Booked for Seoul June 3-8. Plan to visit the following: Gyeongbokgung Palace, Changdeokgung Palace, Buchok Hanok Village, Hwaesong Suwon Fortress, Seoul City Wall, N. Seoul Tower, Banpo Bridge, Cheonggyecheon stream. Then the shopping meccas Myeongdong, Insadong, Ewha University Shopping St., Namdaemun, Dongdaenum. Not sure if possible War Memorial, Han River Cruise and Team Lab in Lotte World. Is it possible for you to do an itenerary so it will be efficient in terms of time , travel and cost? Tour starts June 4 since we arrive almost midnight from Manila. Our flight back is June 9 early morning. With me is my wife and daughter. we will be staying in Myeongdong. Thank you!

  3. Hi I wanted to go to baekje cultural land in buyeo but I do not know how and what bus should I take. I’d be glad if you will be able to go there. btw it is the filming location of scarlet heart reyo <33333333333

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