Maskne: Tips to Avoid Acne from Face Masks

Maskne is one of 2020’s most widespread skincare problems.

In this pandemic, people are now required to wear mask and it’s causing maskne! Having a sensitive skin, wearing face masks really affects me. It’s the reason why I visited a dermatologist to have a facial treatment. She also gave some tips on how to avoid having maskne.

What is Maskne?

Maskne is a type of breakouts that results from wearing masks.

This is my face after having a facial treatment.

How to Avoid Maskne

1. Keep your face clean and moisturized.

Make sure to wash your face before and after using the face mask. You may also use a lightweight moisturizer to block the unwanted bacteria.

2. Don’t use makeup.

Since our face is all covered, let them breathe from the chemicals of make up. Skip those heavy foundations and concealers. If you want to really have a makeup, just focus on your eyes instead.

3. Wash your face masks.

If you’re using a reusable face masks, make sure to wash them at the end of the day. It collects a lot of microbes from your cough, sneeze, saliva, and even your makeup. You may hand wash it with soap and warm water.


4. Don’t touch your face.

Avoid squeezing or popping your acne. It will just make it worse. Squeezing it can help spread the bacteria and make it even bigger. Worse, it may also spread throughout other parts of your face.

5. Avoid being stressed.

There’s a research study which shows that people with higher stress levels are more prone to acne. Our country is facing a crisis and most of the people are struggling. Let’s make sure that we also take care of our mental health. You may also try some meditation apps.

6. Watch your diet.

According to a research study,  the consumption of fatty and sugary products, sugary beverages, and milk was associated with current acne in adults. Avoid food that causes acne.

7. Take some beauty supplements.

There are beauty supplements that can improve your skin condition. I’m currently using Eight Karats which contains Eighteen Vistaskin Nutricosmetic Supplement. This product helps in the following: skin lightening, boosts skin moisture, evens out skin tone, boosts radiance, protects skin against UV rays, anti-acne, and even anti-aging.


8. Ask for medical advice from licensed dermatologists.

If you think that you’re experiencing severe irritation, it’s best to ask the experts. Don’t self-diagnose.

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  1. I don’t have a problem with this and i always handwash my facemask every time. But i am stressed out with my son’s breakout. It got better but the frequent use of face mask made the acne comes out again. I make the boys use disposable masks.

  2. I started avoiding the use of foundation because it is impractical when wearing a mask. Actually what I learned during the pandemic is to learn accepting my imperfections so now, hindi na ko usually nagwwear ngmake up. My skin is doing good also! 🙂

  3. Oh no! Maybe this is why I had a breakout recently. I didn’t know that this is a thing. Now I know what to do and avoid 🙂

  4. Sobrang dalang ko lang lumabas and whenever I go out, di na ko nag me make up kasi ang init. I also avoid touching my face para maiwasan ang acne.

  5. Super minsan lang talaga ako lumalabas like 3 times pa lang ata this pandemic, so I don’t have to wear mask everytime. But, I definitely agree sa list mo Ms. Karla lalo na sa #8, don’t self diagnose if break out happened.

  6. I don’t really go out that much since I’ve been working from home even before the pandemic, also when I got out I always make sure to wear face masks. Now I think this is important, you have to make sure you’re clean and all, so why not keep your face safe from acne.

  7. Sometimes I wish I could stay home so I don’t have to wear mask – though I am not prone to having breakouts but still… wearing masks isn’t comfortable and sometimes it’s itchy. I can’t stress enough the importance of moisturizers – some tend to skip this part! Oh, and I always tell people to treat their mask like underwear. Wash it daily and don’t let others borrow it. Hahaha! Sorry, vulgar ba? Great tips you have here! ?

  8. I am also very scared of this to be honest. My skins is already sensitive on it’s own and now, it might get more pimple from wearing a mask. Lol. This tips are very helpful in preventing that though. Thanks!!

  9. I think the usage of clean face mask is also important. If you are outside, change your face mask at least twice or 3 times just to be sure your skin wont irritated.

  10. Bukod sa nahihirapan ako huminga kapag nasuot ng face mask, baka isa din ito sa reason kung bakit di mawala wala ang mga pimples ko. Thanks sa mga tips Ms. Karla!

  11. I’m lucky enough that my skin isn’t prone to acne even when I’m wearing a mask saka I never go out talaga sa bahay since lockdown para di ko kelangan mag mask dahil di ako masyadong makahinga when wearing one 😀 hahaha now that you’ve mentioned to wash used face masks, talagang maglalaba ako today. HAHA

  12. Grabe uso talaga these days and maskne. Very important to wash the masks regularly talaga and ung not too tight na face mask siguro.For now, I just don’t go out as much as I can so I won’t need to wear face maks. haha.

  13. Been dealing with this for months na huhu. Maskne pala tawag dun. Never ko pa na-try yung cloth mask pero recommend ng friends ko na mag-change daw ako ng material for face mask dahil baka sa surgical mask ko nakuha.

  14. Yes this maskne is a thing! Specially that our pores cant breathe and sweats a lot because of the mask. Thanks sa tips madam!

  15. Yes. Ako din nagka acne ako since nagstart na mag mask.Kaya naglalagay muna ako ng tissue bago ko isuot. This is very helpful tips. Thanks for sharing this ❤️?

  16. Had recently maskne too when I used the disposable face masks, and even developed a pimple behind my right ear. I used again my cloth masks instead. I agree on washing them daily, imagine the collected pathogens whenever we are outside.

  17. Nakoh, this is one of my concerns when wearing a face mask kaya ayaw ko talagang magsuot nyan. But thanks for your tips, at least I can lessen my worries na. Will do as advised.

  18. Thanks for the tips, Ms Karla! Hindi naman ako nagkaka “Maskne” pa pero pansin ko mas nagiging oily yung face ko pagnaka mask. ?

    1. This is very helpful and very timely. Although, I don’t experience “maskne” since I’m always at home, this post will help raise awareness to others, especially to our frontliners. I’ve learned that they are the ones more prone to this.

  19. Very helpful. I have the same struggles lalo na nung nagmamask ako. Once time, nag TINTED SUNSCREEN lang ako, nagsilabasan na kaagad maskne ko. Since then, nagregular sunscreen na lang ako

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