Say NO to FREE blogs

“There’s no such thing as free lunch.” This means that whatever goods and services are provided, they must be paid for by someone. You don’t get something for nothing. This is one of the theories in Economics.

One of my New Year’s Resolutions is to learn How to Say NO. Say NO to FREE Blogs. This year, I will politely and gracefully say no to the people who don’t respect creatives.  If someone asks you to work for free, that means they don’t appreciate what you’re doing.

Reasons Why You Should SAY NO TO FREE BLOGS:

1. You have bills to pay.

A blogger spends more or less than ₱10,000 to maintain a website. They need to pay for a domain, and for hosting. If the event is far, they spend money for gas. Some locations are hard to locate, they spend a lot of money for grab or taxi. Some bloggers I know even buy new clothes to wear to attend the some events.

Will you be happy to receive a pen, some candies, or an insect repellent in exchange of all your expenses?

2. Your opinion matters.

When a blogger published something on the internet, it will forever stay in the internet realm. That is a permanent positive or negative feedback about a product or a service.

I once received a message from a social media manager. She asked me to give their business another chance. Why? Because the honest review I posted about their food went to the first page of Google search engine. 

Another example, when I and my friends visited a nearby coffee shop, I created a review about the presentation of the food and how hot the place is. Upon reading my feedback, the owner thanked me for pointing out how their business could be improved.

Lastly, I made a review about a hair product last year. Until now, people are still sending me messages in my social media accounts to confirm if I’m still using it right now.  

3. You have lots of skills.

Bloggers not only write about random stuff. They make marketing proposals, take pictures, edit videos, and even manage their social media accounts. Bloggers are like journalists, photographers, and other creatives. They invest time and effort in creating good quality content. (5 Reasons to Hire a Blogger)

Have you ever asked a doctor or a lawyer to work for free? Why should a blogger work for free?

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Dear blogger,

Don’t take yourself for granted. Know your worth but don’t be arrogant.

I started with receiving products in exchange of blog reviews. After receiving the items, I make reviews and then publish it. Most of the time when the company likes the review, they will keep on sending some items to be reviewed. Will this benefit me? What will I do to the items that I  don’t really need? Is it okay to sell them or to make some giveaways for my followers? Who will pay for the shipping fee? The most important question, “Can I pay my bills by using these freebies?” You deserve better.

Only accept invitations that will give you a win-win situation. It’s sad that some companies don’t see us as professionals. As one of my blogger friends, Lee said, “Bloggers are the new breed of advertisers and marketers for brands and company so meaning we should be paid even if we are freelancers.” Read more about her thoughts on How To Treat Your Bloggers.

Some PR managers get newbie bloggers to advertise their products because they are willing to work for free. You are not a cheap alternative to traditional marketing. Next time someone asks you to make a blog, show them your blogger rate card.



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